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Blue Corner Palau is one of the most popular dives sites in the world. With a depth of about 8 meters at its shallowest point, it descends to approximately 30 meters at its deepest.

What makes this dive spot a dream for divers is the abundance of marine life that includes hundreds of species of fish and other aquatic creatures. Among the species of animals one can find here it's worth mentioning the reef sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks, whale sharks, mantas, whales, trevallies, snappers, barracudas, green turtles, blue fin tuna, Napoleon wrasse, and snailfish, just to name a few.

The current is strong here, thus it's advisable to use a reef hook for this drift dive. This prevents one from being taken afar by the current, keeping them in place to enjoy the natural spectacle in front of them. When it's time to unhook, divers will drift across the hard coral and sandy pathway filled with numerous species of fish.

When the conditions are milder, there's also the option of being dropped in at another incredible site, the Blue Holes. From here, one can drift down to Blue Corner. 

The Blue Corner is a year round dive recommended to experienced divers. Access can only be done through liveaboards.

Dive site info provided by Juan S on Jul, 23rd 2019
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