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Probably the most visited wreck in the Red Sea and definitely one of the most fascinating wrecks worldwide, Thistlegorm attracts divers due to its historical character and the many artifacts populating it.

A 125-meter-long and 18-meter-wide vessel, Thistlegorm was sank during World War II (more precisely, 1941) by two German bombs.

Divers enter the wreck from a depth of 15 meters and can go to a maximum depth of 33 meters through its interconnecting doorways. Over time the ship has turned into an artificial reef housing lionfish, groupers, sweetlips and barracudas, among others.

Objects on the ship include wartime supplies (jeeps, motorbikes, tanks or aircraft), as well as locomotives and significant piles of shoewear.

Dive site info provided by Fatima Andersen on Jan, 28th 2019
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