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Gina Mascord's Avatar Gina Mascord 1 month ago
Shore dive Max depth 22m Good for all levels The Haven can be dived in a few different way and on the right day can be an awesome dive site. Dive 1 - the easiest way is to get in near the boat ramp and follow the rocks keeping them on your right hand side on the way out and the left on the way back. Dive 2 - again getting in at the boat ramp, follow the rocks until about 20m past the big anchor and the head due East until you come across the sand again. There is very nice sponge gardens out around this area. Try to remember where you got to the sand so that you can head back roughly the same way. Dive 3 - my favourite but can only be done on a calm day. Walk around the rock platform until you get to a little protected area and jump in. Head NE until you get to the sand and then dive back around to the boat ramp.

Dive Log

Dive Technical Details



Start 9:05 Dive 66

Tank Pressure

Start (bar) 240 End (bar) 112


Temperature (°C) 18 Visibility (m) 5
Current Nil Max Depth (m) 16
Weight (kg) 8

Marine Life

What species you encountered when diving here

Grey Nurse Shark
Bull Ray
Leafy Seadragon
Port Jackson
Crested Horn Shark