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A really nice place to dive. I reached 20m but you could go deeper.

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Blue Yard Hub

Email: info@blueyardhub.com Telephone: +30 693 2414 584

          Blue Yard Hub is a good-vibed scuba diving center in Porto Rafti specializing in scuba diving training, environmental education and the empowerment of people of all abilities towards 'making a plunge'. We are committed towards delivering unforgettable underwater experiences for both young (starting from 8) and old, professionally and safely. We will also ensure that you will leave our Hub knowing more about the Big Blue than when you walked in, whether it be about marine life, Greece's submerged heritage or the environmental challenges that the Mediterranean Sea faces. The Blue Yard Hub offers ample space to relax, linger or keep on learning. In so many ways we aspire to be "Your doorstep to discovering the sea".

Aqualized Dive Adventures

Email: info@aqualized.com Telephone: (+30) 22911 59651

          Our experienced instructors are here to guide you in your scuba diving adventure. Our spacious facilities, custom-made diving boat and state of the art equipment, are at your disposal, to make your dive experience a truly memorable one.


Email: info@diveness.com Telephone: +30 2291 159027

          Scuba diving is a fantastic and definitely an outstanding activity that cannot be compared to anything else! The fact that it has a world wide audience is not random at all! Through their underwater adventures divers can experience unique feelings such as weightlessness, serenity, escaping of daily routine, observation of underwater life etc. The experiences that one can obtain through Scuba Diving can classify it as an extremely addictive hobby!

Athina Diving

Email: info@athinadiving.gr Telephone: +30 2291 025434

          Athina Diving was founded in 1994 by Dimitris Roubos and thanks to its unique location, it is the only dive center that is only 30 minutes away from Athens city center, while being on the seaside, has its own private parking and a small dock to provide every comfort an Independent Diver might want.The lessons are carried out either in groups or individually, always adapting to the client’s schedule, providing complete flexibility. Because of its location, the services offered and the quality of the instruction, Athina Diving’s roster of students and divers is growing continuously. This is why Athina Diving is considered one of the best dive operations in Greece. Athina Diving is certified as a Mares Service Center, Mares Sales Point, BTS Dealer, Halcyon Dealer and is the sole representative of “Nitrox Stik”, the Nitrox auto mixing system, covering everything for today’s diver. Athina Diving a PADI 5 Star Gold Palm IDC (Instructor Development Center), TecRec Center, EFR Instructor Training Center, and is insured with DAN (Divers Alert Network) and uses DAN emergency equipment. The center is certified each year for the quality of its services and equipment by Bureau Veritas.

Keadivers Diver

Email: info@keadivers.com Telephone: +30 697 343 0860

          They have been here for almost 20 years, knowing very well every hidden corner of the island, every reef, every bay, tides , waves and currents, every secret of the water . They ‘ve been scuba diving since 1995, boating and yachting since then as well. Offshore racing on top end yachts since 2001, taken part to every reggatta and rally in the Aegean. Currently they are based close to Vourkari, the picturesque little harbour in the northwest of the island, but they operate all over the island. They can meet you or pick you up from wherever you want. They are following stricktly PADI and DAN policies and procedures, always keeping safety standards as a non negotiable priority. The center is officially licenced by the greek port authority and coastgard as a diving operator, also meeting their additional standards. They are certified by PADI and are insured by DAN Europe. The equipment is regularilly inspected and certified by Bureau Veritas. They have been trained and certified for first aid and EFR by the Red Cross.

Planet Blue Diving Center

Email: info@planetblue.gr Telephone: +30 21 0418 0174

          The dive center is certified as a provider of diving services by the Greek Ministry of Merchant Marine (license no. 143), providing scuba diving training of all levels, guided scuba diving excursions and rental of scuba diving equipment. Planet Blue is also certified by Bureau Veritas according to European standard EN 14467. In association with the training agencies of SSI, PADI they offer all kinds of services in the fields of recreational and technical scuba diving. Courses are run in Greek or English language, in groups of one to six trainees per instructor. The diving field includes the reefs and wrecks of Macronisos island, Cape Sounio and the surrounding islets. For the experienced and technical divers they organize daily excursions to more remote diving sites all of them chosen from the immense personal archive of Kostas Thoctarides.

Athens Divers Club

Email: info@athensdiversclub.com Telephone: +30 2291 053461

          Being avid divers themselves, highly trained and experienced, they wish to share their life long passion of sea exploration with you. By focusing on a personalized service, balanced between safety and fun, they promise you an unforgettable in-water experience. By sharing their profound adoration of the Sea, they promise you peace of mind interwoven with pure joy. The state of the art equipment, their fast, comfortable and spacious RIB, their right on the beach location, conveniently next to a beach bar and a taverna, a mere 45 minutes drive from downtown Athens, will heighten your overall experience. Dive in!

Diveness Scuba Dive Center

Email: info@diveness.com Telephone: +30 2291 159027

          They created a warm and pleasant environment, something that will make you feel familiar with the idea of SCUBA Diving! The purpose is to relax you and “prepare the field” as much better we can for your satisfaction! They are here to give you the best for what they love the most! They chose a top line brand name for the equipment, so SCUBAPRO is their ally to their aim! A Paramina Silent Typhoon is their lung which fills the cylinders with precious atmospheric air! The classroom is the spot where they share the principles of SCUBA Diving with you and your knowledge abilities become as they must for the most exciting activity in the world!

Diving Store

Email: info@divingstore.gr Telephone: +30 2291 079685

          The Diving Store was created from scratch by people who love to dive and love to help those who also have this “deep” passion. Their goal was and is to make diving accessible to all, with high quality service, irrespective as to whether they are providing education to young or old divers, or for already certified divers going on tours at home and abroad. They achieve their aim by putting themselves in the shoes (or fins) of customers and they offer the services that they would want if they were in their position. The center offers knowledge, courtesy, safety, quality equipment, comfortable boats and the best facilities. So if you’re wondering which diving center you should choose to explore the underwater world with, your best option is to choose them. If you’re wondering which diving centre you should choose to begin or continue your diving education, they promise that you will work alongside instructors who truly love their job! If you wish to become part of the Diving Store’s dream and become a dive professional, you will find people from the first moment you enter the store that feel like valued colleagues who will stand beside you to help you become an excellent diving professional and students thirsty for knowledge.
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