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Titan Triggerfish
Moorish Idol

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Titan Triggerfish
Moorish Idol

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Seaurchin Diving Center

Email: info@sea-urchin-diving.com Telephone: +230 453 88 25

          The SeaUrchin Diving Center was founded in 2006 by Katharina Dohmann and is among the most experienced Diving Schools in Mauritius. “Under German management”, our professional Diving Team prides themselves on their level of empathy toward the needs of our customers. We dedicated ourselves to raising awareness for the importance of the underwater world and its fragility has always been one of our main concerns. Diving is not only a sport but it’s also an essential tool for the study of this world from which we can learn a lot. We believe that we have to realize the impact of mankind on this fragile environment and have to work together for its preservation. We are the only Diving School in Mauritius that offers three different diving formations with SSI, PADI and CMAS courses. Our multi-national team allows us to teach courses in English, French, German, Danish, and Spanish. Thus we guarantee a theoretical and practical training accessible to everyone. Further to this the SeaUrchin Diving Center is the only Diving School in Mauritius to have with Katharina, an SSI Instructor Trainer. She is authorized to form and train any diver to a professional level. We have SSI & CMAS Instructor Courses at least twice per year. We always endeavor to offer courses in small groups, never exceeding six people to a group. Any dive you enjoy with us will, of course, be guided by one of our team, not only for your safety and well-being but also to ensure that you get the most from your time spent with us. Of course, we want you to feel at home after your diving session, so you are welcomed back to the Center to indulge in a selection of complimentary hot drinks and the chance to have a shower.

Exploration Sous-Marine

Email: info@exploration-sous-marine.com Telephone: +230 453 8450

          Our dive centre, Exploration Sous-Marine, proudly boasts a flawless reputation. Created in 1977, it is one of the first scuba-diving centres setup in Mauritius and is located on the West coast in Flic en Flac, which enjoys a microclimate year round. Our dive centre is affiliated with the Mauritian Scuba Diving Association (MSDA) and the World Underwater Federation (CMAS). Demonstrating great professionalism and extensive experience in the field, our expertly fervent team of instructors will give you the appropriate supervision and monitoring required for secure and happy diving trips.


Email: contactweb@dive-ticabo.com Telephone: (+230) 453 52 09

          From Try Dive to experienced diving, Explore the underwater and escape to a different world with new colors, shapes, textures, creatures, from historic shipwrecks, fragile reefs and connect to the nature All our prices exclude an insurance which is obligatory by the Mauritian federation (MSDA), of a value of Rs200 valid for 2 months in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Sun Diving Ltd

Email: sundiversmauritius@gmail.com Telephone: (+230) 5972 15 04

          We offer a wide range of PADI and SSI courses, from beginners to professional levels.

Euro-Divers - Club Med Albion

Email: cmalbion@euro-divers.com Telephone: (230) 7741131

          Euro-Divers Worldwide was founded by Swiss nationals over 40 years ago and offers safe, exciting and professional scuba diving activities and scuba diving lessons in some of the world’s best diving destinations. You will find our diving schools and dive shops in Maldives, Egypt, Thailand, Mauritius, Indonesia, Spain, Croatia, Japan and Oman. Since its inception, Euro-Divers Worldwide has built an enviable reputation in the diving industry for setting high standards of scuba diving safety, professionalism and customer relationship management. This has enabled it to build strong relationships and partnerships with both its large customer base and with major hotel companies such as the Universal Group of Resorts and the Club Med Group of France. Through many years of experience in the competitive area of scuba diving, Euro-Divers Worldwide has developed into an extremely customer-focused, professional organization dedicated to providing safe, fun and memorable scuba diving experiences. Each of Euro-Divers Worldwide PADI 5-Star diving centres employs highly qualified multilingual scuba diving instructors, teaching diving courses that range from beginner to assistant instructor level, all in Euro-Divers Worldwide guests’ native language.

Tamarin Ocean Pro Diving Ltd

Email: divingcenter@tamarinoceanpro.com Telephone: +230 5728 2027 / +230 5786 9554

          The Tamarin Ocean Pro Diving Centre is located on the beautiful west coast of Mauritius, right in the middle of Tamarin bay. The bay offers the perfect starting point for exploring the most famous and impressive diving sites of Mauritius – you can reach these dive sites quickly by our boat. The area is characterized by a perfect and constant water temperature of about 25 degree Celsius (77 degree Fahrenheit) and incomparable visibility under water of up to 40 meters (~ 130 feet!). Our diving centre offers the possibility to rent complete equipment sets (including wet suit, snorkel, fins and mask), but also the flexibility for just renting what you need. Brevet, logbook and a valid medical certificate are required – as safety is one of our highest principles. Our dive centre is on the one side member of the MSDA (Mauritian Scuba Diving Association), certifying us professionalism and highest quality standards, and on the other side also member of the MMSC (Mauritius Marine Conservation Society), who’s goal is the preservation of the unique under water world of Mauritius.

Ocean Divers Co. Ltd

Email: kathrin.kratzsch@web.de Telephone: +230 525 94 060

          Diving master Danjay Anauth has more than 30 years of experience as a diver. The base is a PADI resort and is affiliated to the local MSDA (Mauritius Scuba Diving Association). A proprietary speedboat with 2 outboard engines (2x 115 hp), can carry up to 10 divers to the spots outside the lagoon.

Abyss Centre De Plongee

Email: xtofabyss@gmail.com Telephone: +230 453 8109

          Petite structure commerciale permettant de pratiquer et d'apprendre la plongée dans les organismes CMAS et PADI.

Nemo Diving Centre

Email: nemodivingcentre@hotmail.fr Telephone: (230) 453-8700

Tonton Diving Tour

Email: info@tonton-diving-tour.com Telephone: +230 5930 7816

          An unforgettable memory for a tropical vacation under the Sun, where the nice crystalline warm water, would remain vivid in your memory. A cost effective vacation. Take your flight and Tonton Diving Tour will plan your stay ‘a la carte’. Sit down, relax and just think about your well-being. Always at your service.
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