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About the dive center

After they dived around the world and a lot of experience from the hottest spots of the planet, they felt in love in Red see of Eilat! One of the things that must to be when you come for a diving, it's a nice place where you can stay. After a lot of thinking they decided to settle down here near the red see of Eilat and create a perfect spot for divers.
NeptuN it's a first and the only club that provide fluorescence night diving experience for divers, it's a unique trip of diving that you'll never forget!
The dive center is located in a quiet area of Eilat, that mean it’s a perfect place for learning and relaxing. Only 5 minute drive from the sea and they will show you a most popular and interesting dive sites in Eilat. Neptun Dive resort its a fancy villa with a view to the red see, with cozy rooms and large swimming pool, BBQ area and all the facilities you need for a perfect vacation!
They are the small dive center with high-quality personal service, warm atmosphere and with the kind of diving instruction. Licensed by the Israeli Sports Diving Authority and recognized as a 5 star Dive Resort by Padi's International Association, with a line of diving equipment for a new and experienced divers. Courses are taught in English, Hebrew and Russian. All materials for the courses are available in many more languages.


Where you can find the dive center

Eilat, Israel