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Diversity Diving

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Diversity Diving offers PADI courses & personalized, top-rated scuba diving in Playa del Carmen, Cozumel & Cenotes.

You come as a guest, leave as a friend!

At Diversity Diving, they absolutely love scuba diving and they want to share their love of what their region has to offer beneath the surface - reef diving, wall diving, bull sharks, lion fish hunting, whale shark snorkeling, and the amazingly beautiful and unique Cenotes.

Their philosophy is that it should feel like you are diving with friends. Diversity believes that diving should be as stress-free, enjoyable and safe as possible, and you get to experience this best when taken care of like friends.

There is a simple reason for why they choose to dive like this — this is how they themselves would like to experience diving. It means that at Diversity Diving they always dive in small groups of divers with similar experience levels and with no more than 4 divers with each instructor or guide, but often times even less. For training purposes they limit the ratio to 2:1.