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Located on the biggest atoll in French Polynesia, Rengiroa, Tiputa Pass is home to hundreds of sharks - grey, white-tip, lemon, silky, black-tip, and even hammerhead sharks. These magnificent creatures can be seen by deep divers at depths of about 40 meters (131 feet).

Apart from sharks, divers can also spot barracudas, eagle rays, moray eels, manta rays, schools of barracudas, and turtles.

Because of the depth and strong currents, this dive site is suitable for advanced divers.

The visibility is good, 10 to 30 meters (33-98 feet). 

Dive site info provided by Nick Bee on Aug, 1st 2019

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Nearby Dive Centers

Ordered by distance, within a range of 25km

Rangiroa Plongee

Email: rangiroaplongee@mail.pf Telephone: 40 960 332

          Rangiroa Plongee is a dive shop located in Rangiroa in the French Polynesian Islands. Rangiroa Plongee is owned and operated by Rene Fels who is also an instructor at the dive center. Located only a short distance from the wharf which is close to the most famous dive site in the area, Tiputa Pass, Rangiroa Plongee is in a very convenient location. In 2008, Rene Fels started the dive shop and has not looked back since. Rene is an active member in a shark observation initiative which is aimed to research sharks so we can better understand how to protect them. Rene is also very active in other conservation initiatives such as The Sea Shepherd who actively try to protect the oceans which we love to dive in. Rangiroa Plongee is an Ambassador Dive Center of Longitude 181 Charter.

Y Aka Plongee Rangiroa

Email: yakaplongee@gmail.com Telephone: (+689) 40 96 02 96

          Y Aka Plongée Rangiroa is located on the lagoon beach between the Kia Ora hotel and Rangiroa public beach. They organize free transfers between guests' hotel or their pension and the base. A few minutes of navigation are enough to reach the main dive sites, so that they can return to earth between each dive for a tea or coffee break or sunbath on the beach (hammock and sun loungers are at divers' disposal).

Rangiroa Diving Center

Email: contact@rangiroadivingcenter.com Telephone: (+689) 40 96 05 55

          Full equipment and in excellent condition for diving and snorkeling, whether guests are experienced or a beginner, alone or with family. Several departures daily in a small group of divers with schedules adapted to the currents and tides. Everything for guests' comfort: showers, toilets, changing rooms, wifi, free mini bar for divers (fresh water, tea, chocolate, instant coffee). Free transfers for customers, mini shop and various paid services (espresso, bike rental, dry cleaning).

The Six Passengers

Email: the6passengers@mail.pf Telephone: (+689) 40 960 260

          Their equipment includes: - Two 494 cubic foot mini verticus compressors, securus system. - 30 full diving gear sets: All gears are of the SCUBAPRO brand and the club is an officially recognized SCUBAPRO club too. - R 095 regulators - Pressure gauge and depth gauge booth - Wave BCD - LOOK masks - STRATOS fins (different sizes available) - Weights and belts - 3 mm SCUBAPRO everflex – water temperature is generally around 85° F, slightly dropping 3 or 4 degrees in July and August.
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