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Talisay Wall is a beautiful wall dive in Moalboal, the Philippines. It starts with a slope going to 13meters/43 feet, where you find a deep wall with a ledge at 35 meters/115 feet. If you bring a torch, you can explore the small caves.

Marine life: barracudas, triggerfish, mackerels, sea turtles, batfish, mandarin fish, trumpetfish, lionfish, pufferfish, mantis shrimps, crocodile fish, banded pipefish, sea cucumbers, and many others.

Current: none to moderate

Difficulty: all divers

Water temperature: 27°-30° C/81°-86° F

Visibility: 15-30 meters/50-100 feet

Dive site info provided by Hasan M on Sep 11, 2020

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Magic Island Dive Resort

Email: reservations@magicresorts.online Telephone: +63 927 206 1791

          Magic Island Dive Resort is located in the quiet southern part of the Moalboal peninsula. From the resort you can see the mountains of Cebu island. Nestled in between tropical gardens there are 10 bungalows with private balconies waiting for you. For the diving Magic Island Dive Resort will take you to the most beautiful diving spots in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines. Walk from the dive center straight into the water for a dive by day or night on the fabulous house reef to see the famous mandarin fish, nudibranch and/or many turtles. Diving in Moalboal offers you sights from XXS to XXL

Eve's Kiosk Dive Resort

Email: eveskiosk@live.com.ph Telephone: +63 32 474 3008

          Located in a lovely area of Moalboal, New Eve's Kiosk Dive Resort enjoys a commanding position in the romance, sports, beaches hub of Cebu.

Club Serena Resort

Email: info@clubserenaresort.com Telephone: +6332 516 8118

          Club Serena has 12 Cottages – Beach Front Suite/Self Detached Cottage which has its own generator so never experiences brownouts. The resort offers Spa Services, Scuba Diving Certification, Kawasan Waterfalls Picnic, Dolphin Watching, Island Hopping on the Overboard Boat, Canyoneering and is also ideal for Wedding Venues on the Beach during the months of March to June.

Kasai Village Dive & Spa Resort

Email: info@kasaivillage.com Telephone: +63 (0)32 516 2617

          The Philippine Archipelago – blessed with 7107 islands – is one of the last great frontiers that host a multitude of marine lives, defined and still undefined. With the Pacific Ocean in the northeast, there is a great biodiversity to be found: single-celled animals, multi-cellular species, mollusks, crustaceans, echinoderms, etc. One of the reasons the country holds so much appeal to many divers is not just the convenience but the added satisfaction that most dives are ‘guided’ by experienced Divemasters and Instructors, all of whom are fluent in English, ensuring you get the most out of your chosen dive site. Kasai Village Resort offers great scuba diving in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines where you choose from the best dive sites out of 17 in the area. If you are looking for a mix of local ‘laid back’ charm, fun and great diving, look no further. Enjoy bountiful marine life on every dive. Have you ever seen a Robust Ghost Pipefish?

Asian-Belgian Dive Resort

Email: asianbelgianresort@gmail.com Telephone: (032) 358 5428

          The Asian Belgian Resort dive center is a modern and spacious center that offers fun in a perfect location for your diving vacantion in Cebu, Philippines.
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