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Talisay Wall is a beautiful wall dive in Moalboal, the Philippines. It starts with a slope going to 13meters/43 feet, where you find a deep wall with a ledge at 35 meters/115 feet. If you bring a torch, you can explore the small caves.

Marine life: barracudas, triggerfish, mackerels, sea turtles, batfish, mandarin fish, trumpetfish, lionfish, pufferfish, mantis shrimps, crocodile fish, banded pipefish, sea cucumbers, and many others.

Current: none to moderate

Difficulty: all divers

Water temperature: 27°-30° C/81°-86° F

Visibility: 15-30 meters/50-100 feet

Dive site info provided by Hasan M on Sep 11, 2020

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Cebu Fun Divers

Email: info@cebufundivers.com Telephone: +63 (0)32 - 474 3219 or +63 (0) 927 - 469 8192

          Welcome to Cebu Fun Divers, your one-stop dive shop in Moalboal. Our large, spacious 5 Star PADI dive centre is right on a stunning sea front overlooking Moalboal Bay, the Tanon Straight and famous Pescador Island, which is only a few minutes by boat away. We are close to some of the most spectacular dive sites in the Philippines, our house reef is teeming with turtles and the famous sardine school of Moalboal is just around the corner. Drift along the spectacular walls as the monsoon currents sweep you along the island at a leisurely pace. The reef shallows are vibrant with marine life, small and big, and underwater photographers love our sunset shore dives to meet the illustrious mandarin fish. Moalboal is also one of the world’s best learn-to-dive destinations. Get your PADI dive certifications with our international staff of professional and experienced PADI Dive Instructors. From PADI Open Water Course to PADI Rescue Diver, we teach everything. Our dedicated Scuba Diving Academy will bring your dive skills even to the highest professional levels, offering PADI Divemaster and IDC dive instructor courses and expert technical dive education, like Tec and sidemount dive courses. Our in-house travel desk can arrange transfers, accommodation in nearby beach resorts and dive tours for you, all in one convenient dive package.

The Blue Abyss Dive Shop

Email: info@blueabyssdiving.com Telephone: +63 (0)32 474 3036

          Dive Moalboal offers rich marine life and spectacular coral reefs with deep walls plunging down to 40meters. The coral reef is build from hard corals including enormous table corals, fragile staghorn corals and a big variety of soft corals in breathtaking colors. The Blue Abyss Dive Shop has been established in Moalboal since 1997 and is located right at the sea. They offer daily dive trips which will be accompanied by an experienced Instructor who is familiar with the diving area for more than 20 years. They reach the dive sites with their 12m Banca boat which can accommodate all the divers. A large awning provides shade on the mostly sunny days. There is always an oxygen unit, first aid kit, spare diving equipment and a mobile phone on board. After the dive the guests are served with small appetizers like biscuits. Water, coffee or tea is available free of charge. Three large tables in the garden like area invite for reading, filling out your log book or sharing the latest excitement from your dive.WiFi connection is available free of charge.

Quo Vadis Dive Resort

Email: reservation@quovadisresort.com Telephone: +63(0)32-4743068

          Scuba Diving in Moalboal with a PADI 5 STAR Dive Resort. You’ll find that Quo Vadis is the perfect place for underwater adventure and relaxation. Here at the Resort you can take a dip in the swimming pool or have a bite at the sea view restaurant. The dive team consists of professional PADI dive instructors and Divemasters. Quo Vadis Dive Resort is located in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines and from here you can visit Pescador Island as well as dive the world famous Sardine Run.They offer a full range of PADI Scuba Diving Courses, such as single day Try Dive experiences ranging all the way up to PADI professional diving courses.

Marina Village Beach And Dive Resort

Email: stay@marina-village-resort.com Telephone: +63 (0)32 -474 3132

          Marina Village Beach & Dive Resort in Moalboal consists of a beach resort with 18 rooms located in a lush tropical setting. The beach resort is conveniently located in the heart of Panagsama Beach, just adjacent to a large and modern 5 Star Dive Center. The guests are mostly scuba divers, snorkelers and other water sports enthusiasts. Savedra Dive Center is your one-stop-shop for all your water and beach activities in Moalboal. The dive center offers a large selection of snorkeling and dive equipment and several boats to take you out to the top snorkel and dive destinations in Moalboal. Dive services offered include: - 3 daily boat dives - Non-Limit diving - Dive equipment retail - Digital underwater cameras for rent - Dive safaris, live-aboards and island hopping - PADI dive certifications from beginner to instructor level - Nitrox & Technical Diving - In-house travel agency for adventure and dive travel

Cebu Dive Centre

Email: info@cebudivecentre.com Telephone: (+63) 32 474 3047

          PADI Stands for The Professional Association of Diving Instructors. The Association runs a range of courses that are recognised world wide. These range from the basic introduction for beginners (bubble maker) to the most advanced (open water scuba instructor).

Love's Beach And Dive Resort

Email: inquiry@loves-beach-resort.com Telephone: +63 (0) 977 883 3965

          Love’s Beach Resort & Dive Resort is a labour of love, achieved by two generations of a dedicated family. The resort is owned and managed by Tata and Elvie Nacar who give the resort their family friendly atmosphere. Love’s Lodge Beach & Dive Resort began operations on April 10, 1991 when Elvie and Tata Nacar decided to purchase prime beach property and build a secluded beach lodge with 4 nippa huts. Since the first humble beginnings the resort grew from a lodge to a wonderful tropical beach resort with 22 airconditioned and superior rooms, designed for the comfort and convenience of local and international tourists. Elvie and Tata are always there for their guests, day and night, making Love’s Beach & Dive Resort a friendly and stress-free resort of warm and loving hospitality.

Savedra Dive Center

Email: info@savedra.com Telephone: +63 (0) 32 474 3132

          Savedra Dive Center is the longest serving dive center in Moalboal, founded in 1983, its doors have been open from 07:00 to 20:00 daily since. Today you find a busy diving center serving divers with daily boat and shore dives everyday, PADI dive courses and experiences from the Discover Scuba Diver program, to Technical and Recreational Instructor courses. Find us in the center of Panagsama beach, surrounded by the best hotel, dining and entertainment options.

Neptune Diving Adventure

Email: diving@neptunediving.com Telephone: +63 32 474 3536

          Neptune Diving Adventure is offering Promo Rates Scuba Diving Moalboal and can be considered as one of the Best Moalboal Dive Shop. While they are a 5 star PADI IDC Dive Centre and with more than twenty years in the business, they have fine-tuned their operations & processes with compliance to PADI standards, making sure that the dive rates are very competitive while ensuring quality service and equipments. They can prove it with their 5 star excellent ratings and reviews in TripAdvsior that inspire Neptune Diving Adventure to always strive for the better if not the best.

Lion Dive Centre

Email: liondivecenter@gmail.com Telephone: +63 91 5345 9478

          Lion Dive Centre is an instructor training center.

Turtle Bay Dive Resort

Email: clive@turtlebaydiveresort.com Telephone: +63 917 631 4240

          Turtle Bay Dive Center operates a fully equipped, modern PADI regsitered Dive Center in the resort add that with the Philippines and its 7107 islands – is one of the last great frontiers that host a multitude of marine lives. With the Pacific Ocean in the northeast, there is a great biodiversity to be found: single-celled animals, multi-cellular species, mollusks, echinoderms, etc. You can enjoy all year round diving in Moalboal. There are at least 18 recognized dive sites around Moalboal and more are being discovered. sites is extremely wide: sandy slopes, vertical walls that drop to 50 meters.sites is extremely wide: sandy slopes, vertical walls that drop to 50 meters. Turtle Bay Dive Center offers a complete range of PADI courses from Bubble Maker to Rescue Diver. They also offer Scuba Review if it has been a while since your last dive and you feel you need to refresh your knowledge.
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