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Flooded chalk quarry lake. Shore giant stride entry.


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Picture taken by Kevin Crew at St Andrews Lakes on Aug 20, 2019 Picture taken by Kevin Crew at St Andrews Lakes on Aug 20, 2019 Picture taken by Kevin Crew at St Andrews Lakes on Aug 20, 2019 Picture taken by Kevin Crew at St Andrews Lakes on Aug 20, 2019

Nearby Dive Centers

Ordered by distance, within a range of 25km

Xambor Watersports

Email: info@xamborwatersports.com Telephone: 01732 773 553

Nemes Diving & Water Sports Academy Ltd

Email: Info@NDA-SCUBA.com Telephone: +353 0750 762 4911

          Nemes Diving and Water Sports Academy are a fully recognised PADI 5 Star Dive Centre offering a wide range of courses, events and holidays. They have a professional be it fun attitude towards the way they work. Whether tourists are new to diving and want to learn the basics, or are seasoned pros looking for the next adventure, they are there to help. They are not just about diving. Their eight acre lake is also a popular spot for canoeing, kayaking, open water swimming and other water sports.

Blue Ocean Diving

Email: scuba@blueoceandiving.co.uk Telephone: +44 1622 212022

          Blue Ocean Diving and the Scubaholics Dive Team were born in 2002, already having years of experience in the diving industry, both teaching and guiding divers all over the Mediterranean & Red Sea, as well as in Kenya, Tanzania, Florida, Thailand & Indonesia and of course in the UK. They have over 60 Divemasters & Instructors, so there’s never a shortage of helping hands to ensure divers get the attention they need. As PADI Divemasters & Instructors they all have the training and experience to be good at what they do. PADI Instructors & Divemasters of the highest qualifications supervise all diving activities from Try-Dives & Open Water Courses to Technical Dive Training and Instructor Development, as well as Club Dive Trips and Holidays, having a passion for giving the best service quality and ensuring everyone has fun blowing bubbles underwater whatever their level or ability.

Smg Scuba At Tonbridge School Centre

Email: info@smg-scuba.co.uk Telephone: ++44 0791 5604770

          SMG SCUBA was created in 2005 as a company specialising in offering PADI courses and experiences to schools and colleges with the highest possible standards. They are immensely proud of the training that they offer schools. They continue striving to provide fulfilling, enjoyable and above all safe experiences and courses. They believe that scuba can be a valuable addition to a school's extra-curricular programme that can enrich every student's school experience. In August 2013, SMG Scuba obtained a PADI Educational Facility rating at Tonbridge School Centre. They offer a whole range of PADI courses and experiences to members and public.

Diverse Scuba

Email: info@diverse-scuba.co.uk Telephone: +44 13758 92444

          One of the many qualities making Diverse Scuba unique is the luxury of their own indoor heated pool allowing them to provide training sessions at the times that suit divers as well as providing a safe and controlled environment for learning to dive. Their other excellent facilities include large changing rooms with power showers, a fully equipped classroom to assist with training and a viewing gallery for partners or parents that might wish to come along and watch. Diverse Scuba also has its own fully equipped servicing workshop which allows them to offer on-site servicing for dive equipment with an excellent turnaround time that is second to none. Also on-site is the Diverse Scuba Dive Shop from which they offer a wide variety of scuba diving equipment at excellent prices. They stock quality masks, snorkels and fins as well as professional diving equipment from all of the top suppliers such as Cressi, Northern Diver, OMS, Oceanic and many others.

Southern Scuba

Email: info@southernscuba.co.uk Telephone: +353 077 4876 7569

          Their team of instructors, dive masters and helpers are all dedicated to making southern scuba the first choice for scuba training in the south east. As they actively train up dive masters (the first step on the professional rung of PADI teaching) their team tends to evolve over time. The commitment to safety, quality and fun remains constant.

Divemania Scuba Limited

Email: info@divemaniascuba.co.uk Telephone: +44 07434 124455

          DiveMania Scuba was founded by a group of friends and PADI Pro's with a love for providing quality, professional and fun diving education. They can offer all levels of PADI courses, from total beginners, who wish to "Discover Scuba" to those who wish to "Go-Pro". Their team is focused on ensuring all students have a fun, safe, and quality diving experience. They run regular pool sessions at Impulse Leisure, Blackshots Lane, Grays and at the Underwater Studios in Basildon which are conveniently situated for anyone wishing to learn to dive in Grays, Dagenham, Hornchurch, Upminster, Romford, Ockendon, Basildon, Brentwood, Orsett and surrounding areas. They also hold regular open water dates.

Dive Machine

Email: robert@divemachine.co.uk Telephone: +44 1732 773553

          Dive Machine is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre based in kent, offering all levels of courses from beginner to Instructor. Dive Machine was set up as a new Dive Centre in Kent in 1996 by Robert & Carol Varns. Originally the centre was in Southborough and later moved to Tonbridge where it is currently located. Their very large fully stocked Dive Shop has over 4,000 stock item lines of Snorkeling and Diving equipment.
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