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Shaab Shehr, also known as Hyndeman Reef, is a 1-kilometer-long boomerang-shaped reef that runs east to west. It features beautiful coral gardens and columns as well as narrow passages teeming with marine wildlife.

Some of the creatures you can meet here include parrotfish, triggerfish, wrasses, surgeonfish, emperor fish, sweetlips, flag fish, jacks, barracudas, tuna, and even whitetip reef sharks.

The dive depth at Shaab Shehr is 16 meters/52 feet and as such, the site is suitable for all divers. Diving is possible all year round.

Dive site info provided by Polina Lehman on Apr 7, 2021

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Picture taken at Shaab Shehr. Uploaded by Yuri Valchuk on Oct 22, 2020 Picture taken at Shaab Shehr. Uploaded by Yuri Valchuk on Oct 22, 2020 1

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Orca Dive Club Coral Garden

Email: info@orca-diveclub-coralgarden.com Telephone: +20 100 9213455

          There is probably no diving centre in Egypt that has a shorter distance into the water than Coral Garden. 20 complete equipment sets are available for loan, 120 twelve and fifteen litres steel bottles are available to the divers. In addition to a Bauer compressor, that achieves 340 l/min, there is also a unit that provides Nitrox.
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