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The Sea of Okhotsk is an eco-region of great wildlife importance, both terrestrial and marine. The sea has a maximum depth of 3, 916 meters (12,847 feet), and is shallow in the north and deeper in the south.

In February, the frozen ice from the sea breaks up and gets blown to the Shiretoko Peninsula. This is the spot where ice divers come to explore the depths, the season lasting from January until mid-March.

The conditions are extreme here, and anyone who wishes to dive in these nearly frozen waters must follow strict safety procedures. Because of the cold water, all dives go within 10 meters (33 feet) and last about 30 minutes.

Some of the marine life that can be spotted here includes sea angel (clione), sea urchins, anemones, starfish, and green shrimp. 

The huge ice blocks seen as you look up are an especially jaw-dropping sight and provide great photo opportunities.

Dive site info provided by Bob L on Aug 2, 2019
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