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Lake Atitlán in Guatemala is a renowned lake and altitude dive site. With an elevation of 1,562 meters (5,026 feet), it is reserved for experienced divers.

Among the fascinating things divers can see here is the submerged Mayan village, discovered in 1997 but not excavated. Divers have also found ancient artifacts in the area.

Another highlight of this dive site is the stunning petrified forest where divers can swim through giant boulders formed by volcanic eruptions.

On the bottom of Lake Atitlán there's also a giant fissure that gives off heat coming from the center of the Earth. 

The average water temperature is around 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) year-round. Divers are recommended to wear a dry suit or a 5mm wet suit when diving the lake. 

Dive site info provided by Bob L on Aug, 2nd 2019

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