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San Clemente Reef is a beginner diver's dream, with shallow depth between 10 meters and 15 meters and little current.

As it is located between the Yucab Reef and the Tormentos Reef, San Clemente shares plenty of similarities with these two dive sites. Divers can encounter here spotted moray eels, butterflyfish swimming in pairs, groupers, snappers, grunts, scorpionfish, angelfish, seahorses hidden in the grass, damselfish, cowfish, eagle rays, filefish.

If they are lucky enough, divers can spot here parrotfish and barracudas.

This dive spot has a mostly sandy bottom with coral outcrops and patches.

Most divers who come here choose to wear short wetsuits.

Dive site info provided by Ben Jakobsen on Feb 6, 2019

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Nearby Dive Centers

Ordered by distance, within a range of 25km

Challenge Diving

Email: info@challengediving.com Telephone: +52 1987 112 2137

          At Challenge Diving they pride themselves on giving personal service at affordable rates. Personal service is the answer to a highly enjoyable dive experience. With Challenge Diving divers can customize their dives and pick their own tanks and reefs.

Scubatony Cozumel

Email: info@scubatony.com Telephone: +52 (987) 876-1171

          At Scuba Tony they don’t have a storefront that one can walk into. All our business is done through an online reservation system and then they bring our service to divers. Dive trips are 6 divers max on a fast boat with amenities like fresh fruit, fresh water shower and surface intervals on the beach.

Blue Project

Email: dive@blueprojectcozumel.com Telephone: (52) 987-872-3161

          BLUEProject – valet diving provides a personalized service for their divers. They do their very best to meet the expectations of each and every diver. As an environmentally conscious Cozumel scuba diving operation, BLUE Project has been awarded by CORAL “The Coral Reef Alliance”, MARTI “the MesoAmerican Reef Tourism Initiative” and the GRUPO Intersectorial Isla Cozumel through the “Environmental Walk-Through” program for its interest in the adoption of best environmental practices, which reinforce the commitment to sustainability and proper, responsible use of Cozumel reefs.

Blue Xt Sea Diving

Email: info@bluextseadiving.com Telephone: +52 987 869 2409

          Founder, owner and Texas native Christi Courtney started Blue XT~Sea Diving out of her island home, tooling around on a moped with a “Keep Austin Weird” sticker on the gas tank. With very little advertising and much goodwill, they grew to become one of Cozumel’s best-loved dive operations. It wasn’t just the famous surface-interval muffins and other snacks, it was the personal service that has set them apart from the very beginning.

Reef Life Cozumel

Email: pancho@reeflifecozumel.com Telephone: +52-1-987-117-2842

          Reef Life Cozumel specializes in scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, deep sea fishing and more.

Tortuga Carey Diving & Snorkeling

Email: reservations@tortugacareydivers.com Telephone: +52 1 987 112 8278

Blue H2O Cozumel Ocean Tours

Email: blueh2ocozumel@hotmail.com Telephone: +52 987 111 2170

Pelagic Ventures Scuba

Email: pelagicventures@gmail.com Telephone: +52.1.987.117.2721

          At Pelagic Ventures Scuba they offer scuba diving with small groups and personalized service.

Scuba Xoc

Email: info@scubaxoc.com Telephone: +52 1 (987) 107-6026

          Scuba XOC is a small, owner-operated local business. They pride themselves in offering personalized attention focused on particular needs. All of their staff are certified professionals. They use only top of the line, brand-new gear and maintain an excellent safety record. Scuba Xoc operates on a no-rush basis, which means they are always on your time and always happy to accommodate any specific requests.

Scuba Craft Cozumel

Email: info@scubacraftcozumel.com Telephone: +52 987 872 6645

          To ensure safety and to make sure a diver receives the service and attention he deserves they keep groups to a maximum of 6 divers per divemaster. Diver's choice means that they will adapt the dive to divers' needs. Whether they like deep walls, strong drifts, shallow reefs, exploring swim-throughs or taking photographs, they will adapt to their level of diving and preference.
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