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Jackson’s Bar is a wonderful dive site in the Andaman Islands. It’s a large rocky reef that slopes towards a sandy area starting at 20 meters/60 feet and going down to 30 meters/100 feet.

The reef consists of soft corals and barrel sponges. It attracts a myriad of marine animals like potato groupers, tuna, barracudas, Napoleon wrasses, Bengal snappers, Andaman sweetlips, Java eels, as well as big stuff like stingrays (dozens can be seen on a single dive), manta rays, and whitetip reef sharks.

The strong currents that run in this area make Jackson’s Bar suitable for Advanced Open Water divers and up. 

Dive site info provided by Cassandra G on Nov 23, 2021

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Aqua Nomad

Email: info@aquanomad.com Telephone: +91-8900938034

          The core of our scuba diving center, Aqua Nomad, belongs somewhere within the infinite beginnings of a soul that once discovered its passion under water. Scuba diving, an exhilarating experience that takes you closer to your heard or unheard art as you go deeper into the ocean, invites you to write your story within it. Aqua Nomad is a registered SSI and PADI Center. They are also a Scubapro Center having the most upgraded, latest Dive Gear and other equipment. Khushu Madan, Co-founder of the company is a product of Abyss Scuba Diving Sydney, a flagship store of PADI known for its adherence to standards offering greatest enjoyment to the clients. Because of the rough sea conditions prevailing at abyss dive sites, Khushu had gained good experience in diving in surf on rocky beaches.

Andaman Bubbles

Email: andamanbubbles@gmail.com Telephone: +91-3192-282140 /+91 8900 936494

          Andaman Bubbles is a friendly dive centre located at Beach #5, at the Wild Orchid Resort on Havelock Island in the Andamans. They opened their doors in December 2008. With a strong emphasis placed on safety, they offer professional quality service, but in a flexible relaxed manner. They look forward to sharing that passion with you, not just as our customers but also as their friends. They follow the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) as well as Scuba Schools International (SSI) general standards and recommendations. They offer almost all SSI and PADI courses from recreational diving to professional diving.

Scuba Lov.in

Email: dive@scubalov.in Telephone: +91 95319 45340

          Scubalov is a PADI and SSI Dive Centre located in the remote Andaman Islands of Havelock and Neil, India. They provide best scuba diving in Andaman & Mumbai, India. Like the name suggests, the love for diving is pretty intense. They aim to pass it on to as many people as humanely possible through their wide range of courses, special certifications and incredible try scuba experiences for beginners.

Ocean Tribe Scuba Diving

Email: ocean.tribe.scuba@gmail.com Telephone: +91 94742 87423

          Your passage to the fascinating abyss of the Andaman Sea ! Ocean Tribe is an exclusive dive shop at Havelock, Andaman Islands, India. The secret of Ocean Tribe’s growing popularity is their team of passionate instructors and dive masters with robust diving experience and state of the art equipment. Most of the team members belong to the local Karen tribe and know the island waters like the back of their hand.

Blue Corals Dive

Email: diveatbluecorals@gmail.com Telephone: +91 - 9531 835 704

          Blue Corals Dive Havelock is all about putting your needs first. All of the diving instructors are experienced, highly trained to make diving fun and thrilling. They offer a wide variety of courses, from the basic level all the way up to Professional. At Blue Corals Dive they are also heavily involved with reef conservation to ensure that Havelock stays, as it is… a paradise! They pride themselves in their personal care. They guarantee small group packages in a very relaxing atmosphere. All equipment is in top condition and the instructors are well qualified to service the scuba units. They assure you that we take you to a wide range of dive sites and show you the enchanting marine world. They also start a bit late than the other dive schools to avoid the 'crowds'. Blue Corals Dive is a small and cozy place that promises you an amazing experience and makes you want more and more every holiday.

Havelock Divers

Email: havelockdivers@gmail.com Telephone: 9933220299

          Get Enchanted by the beauty of colorful corals, the serenity of turquoise waters, the glistening white sandy beaches, the music of playful waves and a variety of aquatic life - Welcome to Scuba Diving in Havelock, one of the best diving hub of India. Let them unfold the magic of that subdued world under the fifty shades of blue waters for you; they at Havelock Divers are on their fins to assist underwater world to cast its magical spell on you. Come learn and dive with Havelock Divers for a redefined diving experience!
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