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Palamida Dive Center

Email: info@palamida.co.il Telephone: +972 8-920-1010

          Palamida is a Dive Center located in Eilat.

Neptun Dive Resort

Email: neptunresort@gmail.com Telephone: +972 50-510-0581

          After they dived around the world and a lot of experience from the hottest spots of the planet, they felt in love in Red see of Eilat! One of the things that must to be when you come for a diving, it's a nice place where you can stay. After a lot of thinking they decided to settle down here near the red see of Eilat and create a perfect spot for divers. NeptuN it's a first and the only club that provide fluorescence night diving experience for divers, it's a unique trip of diving that you'll never forget! The dive center is located in a quiet area of Eilat, that mean it’s a perfect place for learning and relaxing. Only 5 minute drive from the sea and they will show you a most popular and interesting dive sites in Eilat. Neptun Dive resort its a fancy villa with a view to the red see, with cozy rooms and large swimming pool, BBQ area and all the facilities you need for a perfect vacation! They are the small dive center with high-quality personal service, warm atmosphere and with the kind of diving instruction. Licensed by the Israeli Sports Diving Authority and recognized as a 5 star Dive Resort by Padi's International Association, with a line of diving equipment for a new and experienced divers. Courses are taught in English, Hebrew and Russian. All materials for the courses are available in many more languages.

Shulamit's Eilat Diving Adventures

Email: shulamit-diving@outlook.com Telephone: +972 54-475-8525

          Shulamit Koretz opened Shulamit's Eilat Diving Adventures in 2009 in order to provide customers with the kind of diving instruction and high-quality personal service that he would want for himself. He've dived all around the world, and he've always had great experiences at small dive centers where the customer is treated like a personal guest. Since then the center staff has grown to include additional PADI instructors who share the same vision for what a great little dive center should be: small diving groups, personal service, great equipment and lots of fun.

Custo Diving

Email: custodivingclub@gmail.com Telephone: +972 54-766-4164

          Diving school Custo offers a wide range of services for diving training since 2009 according to the international PADI system standards. The diving center always puts the interests of customers above all – and if their favorite divers, students and tourists are happy, it means that they worked for good reason. Having a great experience in diving, they are ready to tell, train and consolidate your achievements. You will learn how to do this with pleasure, and most importantly safely. Coming to the center as a newbie, you will be able to get your first certificate and reach the divemaster level, constantly improving the degree of mastery. During the training in the Custo diving center you will receive the International PADI Certificate, the most popular diving training system in the world. They work for the result – it is important for them that you feel yourself confident in the water and under the water. The work of the center is provided by a team of highly qualified instructors. The center has equipment from leading manufacturers of underwater equipment. They will kindly guide you and help to choose everything you need: fins, masks, wetsuits, and much more, they will advise you on what to look for, and how to manage your budget for maximum diving pleasure. At your service are our two villas Custo Club and Dive Resort Custo, located in a heavenly corner in the south of Israel, in Eilat.

Zen And The Art Of Scuba Diving

Email: zenscubadiving@gmail.com Telephone: +972-53-6460002

          It is an unique scuba diving instruction with a heavy emphasis on the psychological and holistic aspects of human submersion. With Zen and the art of Scuba Diving you will discover the ultimate trill of breathing underwater, and enjoy the wonders and abundance of marine life that the red sea has to offer.

Palma Diving Resort

Email: afifersht@gmail.com Telephone: +972 50 4888058

          The "Palma" diving services offer a variety of diving courses, guided dives, introductory dives and fun diving. Scuba diving instructor Rafi Fersht, who has been in the field for over 12 years and instractor over 5 years, accumulated lots of knowledge and experience, traveled the world for 10 years and worked in what he likes most Then comes the desire to succeed and provide a response to all lovers of the sea, to those who do what they really love, because you do something you like, it is made from a place of great pleasure and fun worth a whole world. Invites you to view the site and be impressed by pictures and videos Different around the world, people who have experienced an amazing underwater experience, I have fulfilled my dream and I will be happy to fulfill yours dream.
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