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The name of this particular dive spot comes from a species of fish that can be found here in large schools, namely snappers. The main characteristic of this dive spot is its circular overhang, which is populated by the aforementioned schools of snappers (in Spanish, "pargo").

Cueva del Pargo has very little current, and with its maximum depth of 10 meters, it is an ideal dive site for beginner divers.

Besides snappers, divers can find here crabs, lobsters, shrimps, seahorses, various types of both hard and soft corals. If they are lucky they can come across stingrays and turtles.

Dive site info provided by Ben Jakobsen on Feb 5, 2019

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11 mts max. 40 min. nice visibility and small variety of animals. decent and great experience for new divers and discovery.

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Ordered by distance, within a range of 25km

Cha Cha Cha Dive Shop

Email: edmundotorres@chachachadivecozumel.com Telephone: +52 987 872 2331

Caribbean Divers

Email: cdivers@prodigy.net.mx Telephone: +52 987 872 1145

          Caribbean Divers is one of the oldest and most prestigious dive operators in Cozumel, providing service since 1977.

Scuba Gamma Diving Center

Email: info@scubagamma.com Telephone: +52 987 878 5437

          They offer diving trips both for beginners and experienced divers, regardless whether they have disabilities or not.

Dive Charro Cozumel

Email: divecharrocozumel@gmail.com Telephone: +52 987 141 0688

          Dive Charro Cozumel offers personalized services of diving, snorkeling and fishing. A dive trip includes two 2-tank dives, and a fresh delicious lunch. Fresh fruit is offered as a snack along with bottled water and soft drinks.

Deep Exposure Dive Center

Email: lupita@deepexposuredivecenter.com Telephone: (866) 670-2736

          The staff at Deep Exposure Dive Center takes pride in the fact that they actively participate, and believe in, continuing education. All levels of divers have improved their water skills and general knowledge through structured training courses and by just diving with highly trained Dive Masters and Instructors. All Deep Exposure Dive Center Dive Masters have a minimum of Open Water Instructors certification. They believe in providing their students with only the highest quality instruction and therefore have embraced the concept of "Doing It Right" for all diving environments. Whether it's in a formalized class for Tri-Mix, Nitrox or just simply going down to look at the fish, this holistic system will maximize the skills and techniques one needs to dive. Each course is specifically taught as a stepping stone for the next, while designed to increase the diver's competency underwater.

Studio Blue Cozumel

Email: info@studioblue.com.mx Telephone: (52) 987-8724414

          Studio Blue - Cozumel have been in operation since 1990. At Studio Blue their policy is to always give customers personalized, professional and friendly service. They deal almost exclusively with individuals or small groups seeking premium scuba diving experiences. Their boat is spacious and specially designed for diving. Their rental equipment is of the highest quality, and the staff are fully multilingual. Instruction can be given in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and Swedish, and they also speak Mayan. All their divemasters and boat crew are fully certified and bilingual.

Wahoo Scuba

Email: info@wahooscuba.com Telephone: +52 987 869 8560

Tres Pelicanos

Email: dive@trespelicanos.com Telephone: (52) 866 779 9986

          Their goal is to have each diver achieve the longest bottom time possible safely. They do not do DECO dives. They also take a longer surface interval in-between dives. They offer plenty of water to keep hydrated and snacks of sweet bread and fruit. They also have a fresh water shower on board to wash the salt off. The dive masters at Tres Pelicanos have years of experience diving the reefs of Cozumel.

Deep Blue

Email: deborah@deepbluecozumel.com Telephone: (52) 987 8725653

          Deep Blue has been a PADI facility since 1995 and they feature all computer diving for maximum bottom time and increased safety, custom diving, specialists in Punta Sur, Maracaibo, and Barracuda Reefs, all fast boats with sun covers for groups of 6-9 divers, rental gear and quality instruction, with all PADI, NAUI, SSI Certifications up to Dive Master.

Maple Leaf Scuba

Email: info@mapleleafscuba.com Telephone: +52 (987) 872 4251

          Maple Leaf Scuba in Cozumel, Mexico offers a variety of dive trips, scuba diving instruction, and a variety of adventure dives.
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