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Ordered by distance, within a range of 25km

Orca Scuba

Email: dive@orcascuba.com Telephone: +65 8339 5001

          At Orca Scuba, they are passionate about the ocean and everything in it! The founder, Jeroen, even wrote a book about it! They love to introduce others to the world of scuba diving, so they can experience it with them. The team of professional dive instructors have years of experience introducing both children and adults to the underwater world through their high quality, safe and professional dive training. They teach a wide variety of PADI dive courses, for complete beginners, all the way up to professional PADI Divemasters. Every course they teach, they focus on safety, quality and the preservation of our oceans. They use high quality equipment that is regularly inspected and maintained, and even have specially selected equipment just for children.

Big Bubble Centre

Email: dive@bigbubble.com Telephone: 6222-6862

          Big Bubble Centre is owned and run by Stanley Ong, a professional diving enthusiast with over 30 years of diving experience and over 12,000+ dives under his belt. He had personally certified more than 2000 divers and still counting. Some of his student divers have continued their diving education and achieving Instructor & Course Director levels with PADI. We are one of the oldest and pioneering scuba diving centre in Singapore. Big Bubble Centre is an established 5-Star PADI Dive Centre, one of the few scuba diving centre in Singapore that has achieved this status. This simply means that they have achieved and maintained standards of professionalism in training required by PADI stringent requirements. Big Bubble Centre ensures that every effort was made to teach students the importance of respecting and appreciation for the ocean. They also pride themselves in their friendly and relaxed approach towards diver training. While their focus is providing diver with the maximum scuba diving fun, their three utmost priorities in diver training is safety, safety and safety. The selected team of experience Divemasters and Instructors shared a common passion for the sport and the underwater world. This dedicated team of divers is committed to leading others safely into the dive experience, at the same time delivering maximum fun to your diving adventure.

Sunny Cove Dive Centre

Email: info@sunnycove.com.sg Telephone: +65 6631 8313

          Sunny Cove started its maiden operation in late 2003. In 2004, Sunny Cove achieved the ‘PADI 5 Star Dive Centre’ status. Upon bestowment, Sunny Cove began imparting scuba diving knowledge and instructing PADI courses based in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore. Ever since then, Sunny Cove and her crew have been the ambassador for protecting the ocean. Throughout our humble operation, they had received numerous awards from Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and the prestigious “Best Dive Centre” from Asia Diving Expo (ADEX). More than a decade has passed, they are still very passionate and committed to passing on their knowledge of safe dive practices to all their divers. If you’re looking to give scuba diving a try, drop by our humble shop in Singapore and speak to their world-class instructors. Understand how they run their operation before you sign up and learn more about why their PADI courses are award-winning.

Ss Scuba Pte Ltd

Email: email@thesubmersibles.com Telephone: +65 6777 6760

          SS Scuba Pte Ltd was set up in Sep 2010 as a merger company between The Submersibles and Seaborne Scuba International Pte Ltd to provide the highest quality of Scuba Diving to Singapore and to bring Asian Scuba Diving destinations to the world. They have a wealth of experience in the Scuba Diving Industry. The Submersibles has been around since 2006, while Seaborne Scuba is a 5 Star PADI Dive Center with more than 10 years' experience. All 4 partners who set up SS Scuba Pte Ltd are all graduates, with a total of more than 40 years of experience as Scuba Diving Instructors and each of them having held a Senior Managerial Position in non-diving related MNCs before.

The Dive Ship

Email: admin@thediveship.com Telephone: +65 9228 7550

          The Dive Ship teaches for passion, not money. They are passionate in the sport, not the business. They inspire divers to excel in the diving space. The Dive Ship clocked hundreds of dives, certified hundreds of students and knows the dive sites at the back of its palms. They enjoy each dive as much as their divers do. They also enjoy bonding over good food and drinks and the company of like-minded individuals.

Marlin Divers

Email: info@marlindivers.com.sg Telephone: +65 6479 7917

          MARLIN DIVERS is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre & PADI Tec Rec Centre, which provides scuba diving courses for all levels, specialities programs included. Whether diving in local waters, overseas dive trips or on a liveaboard, and also sales or servicing of scuba diving equipment. The courses are conducted at a flexible pace to meet the various individual’s learning capacity. With DIVE SAFETY being their priority, and definately not forgetting the FUN part of it. They believe in enjoying ”THE COLOURS OF DIVING”, CARING for the environment, the various marine life, which have vibrant colours surrounding them in the local waters as well as in the neighbouring countries. As a supporter of the Project Aware, they do educate any diver which join in their dive activities.

Orpheus Dive

Email: godiving@orpheusdive.com Telephone: +65 6887 3631

          Divers want to dive with the best dive center they can find. At Orpheus Dive, we are committed to being that dive center. Our aim is to provide you with the highest level of service and the most comprehensive diver training; whether you are a beginner, advanced, professional or technical diver. At Orpheus Dive we proudly teach PADI courses (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) as they are not only the most internationally recognised and respected dive training agency in the world, they are also at the forefront of diving innovation and safety development. PADI credentials are among the most sought after in the world. Wherever you dive, it is more than likely you will be surrounded by other PADI divers. They are designed to give you valuable and worthwhile training whilst remaining fun and enjoyable. https://www.orpheusdive.com/scuba-diving-courses/

Dive Apotek

Email: hello@diveapotek.com

          Dive equipment servicing and maintenance for specialized technical divers. We service scuba regulator, drysuit, and other diving support equipment. Scuba dive is to expand human realm into the underwater space. This is possible with science, technology and the right equipment. Understanding the equipment optimizes your ability to adventure in a safe and enjoyable way. We have an ideal location for easy access to enjoy world-class scuba diving. Tucked at the edge of the coral triangle with easy and affordable transport connections, there are limitless scuba diving possibilities. Lets reap the benefits going on this subaquatic adventure!

Hybrid Scuba

Email: info@hybridscuba.com Telephone: (65) 9387 4347

          Hybrid Scuba provides the best scuba diving courses for divers of all levels of experience. Based in Singapore, Hybrid Scuba offers overseas dive trips to some of the top dive sites in South East Asia.

The Dive Company

Email: info@thedivecompany.com.sg Telephone: +65 6396 0946 ​

          Located in Singapore, The Dive Company is a full service PADI 5 Star Dive Centre providing scuba diving courses, dive trips and liveaboards throughout South East Asia, dive equipment sales and servicing, and after sales support. The internationally mixed dive crew is a line-up of highly qualified and experienced PADI Instructors and Divemasters, all fully certified in emergency first response procedures. Your safety and fun is The Dive Company's priority. Come & Dive in Good Company!
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