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Christ Of The Abyss is a popular dive site located off San Fruttuoso, near the village of Portofino. The bronze statue was placed on the seabed in 1954, to honor the memory of Dario Gonzatti, who died during a dive in that spot a few years earlier, and all the others lost at sea.

The sculpture measures 2,5 meters (8 feet) in height and weighs 260 kilograms (573 pounds).

It's an easy dive that takes place in shallow waters (maximum depth is 15 meters) and is protected against strong winds.

Dive site info provided by Bob L on Aug, 2nd 2019

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Il Grande Blu Diving Center

Email: info@ilgrandeblu.eu Telephone: +39 333 143 6109

          Il Grande Blu is a scuba & water sports center and the n°1 OceanReef academy in the world. Located in a castle by the beach in the Portofino National & Marine Park, they offer more than 30 different dive sites, most of them very close to the dive center !! As either a recreational or technical diver, you will have an abundance of choice !! These dive sites differ in topography and depths (there are plateaus, pinnacles, steep walls and overheads) as well as they have the greatest biodiversity in the whole Mediterranean Sea.

Portofino Divers

Email: info@portofinodivers.com Telephone: +39 348 150 8600

          Portofino Divers - a dedicated dive center for those who seek the finest - was set up in 2002 by Bruno and Susi with the aim of offering a premier quality service to those who are interested in diving the best spots in the Portofino marine park and the many shipwrecks off the eastern coast of Liguria. Made of active divers and supporters of safer and more efficient diving practices to increase fun in underwater activities, the team members are not only teaching and guiding, but are constantly involved in scientific and conservation projects in the Mediterranean Sea. The dive shop is HALCYON diving equipment and DUI drysuits authorized test center and dealer since 2002.

Style Diving

Email: dive@stylediving.com Telephone: +39 335 668 6435

          Style Diving was born many years ago as their common dream .... They were born from the point of view underwater Marine Protected Area of Portofino, they grew up here day after day, and here they have become dive professionals. Dive after dive they could see the progress of what they have always considered their paradise and near, they traveled and known fact around the world observing the characteristics in doing the special ones that make the difference between a diving and the other This passion could only lead them to want to create a Diving which based its work on the satisfaction of the diver and carers. A diving haven where on weekends after a week of work, and this is why diving with them means not having the stress of the dive time, but enjoy a day of sun and sea in absolute respect of his day. They wanted to find a location that would allow to forget even for one day the city and where carers could also spend a day at the beach on a beautiful bay like that of San Michele di Pagana, strategically located between Rapallo and Santa Margherita Ligure.

Massub Diving Center

Email: info@massub.com Telephone: +39 0185 599121

          In the fantastic area of the Marine Protected Area of Portofino, Massub will let you discover the most beautiful and exciting diving experience with convenient Blue weeks packages, weekends and single days. Massub will assists you with your holiday planning, assuring fun, relax and security. Massub is also a diving center PADI-SSI, offering all range of courses from basic to professional levels.

Diving Group Portofino

Email: info@dgportofino.com Telephone: +39 335 725 9758

          Diving Group Portofino is a merger between the three most established and prestigious dive centres in Portofino – DWS Diving & Dive Passion in Santa Margherita and Abyss Dive Centre in Rapallo. Diving Group Portofino are a 5* PADI Instructor Development Centre and a registered SSI training centre. They offer a full range of both PADI & SSI courses through to Instructor Level. Diving Group Portofino is also a specialist centre for Technical Diving, teaching TDI & UTR courses using the technical equipment of Mares. They also offer re-breather courses with the famous trainer, Aldo Ferrucci. Nitrox & Trimix refills available. Diving Group Portofino can cater for dive clubs, groups, individual divers, families or students. So whether you are a complete beginner to the world of diving or you want to extend your training they welcome you. The collective owners of Diving Group Portofino have been operating in the Marine Park for more than 20 years and are staffed by multi-lingual instructors including a German speaking instructor from May – October.

B&b Diving Center

Email: info@bbdiving.it Telephone: +39 0185 772751

          Welcome in B&B Diving Center di Camogli B&B Diving is the point of reference for those diving fans who love to enjoy their dives in the wonderful frame of the Mount of Portofino, and in the Protected Marine Area of Portofino. Located in the small port of camogli, they offer the best services with the most complete professionality. The excursions, all in the protected marine area of the natural Reserve of Portofino, can be performed also during intraweek days, in order to enjoy fully the tranquility of the depth. Their technical service offers repairs and maintenance of diving equipment. Besides to the diving, they offer services of storage and chartering of boats (also with skipper) and more in a generalized manner all which regards the recreational activities connected to "mare nostrum".

Bubble Lounge Diving

Email: info@bldiving.com Telephone: +39 339 886 0190

          The Bubble Lounge Diving Center is located in Recco, a small Mariners town about 20 kilometers from Genova. The Diving Center operates between the gorgeous scenery of Golfo Paradiso and Golfo del Tigullio, on the Portofino coast. Encompassing the panoramic area of the sea in front of Mount Portofino, including the underwater portion of the Promontory, this protected marine area offers a unique environment for the underwater study of the sea floor, and its steep vertical walls and cliffs. The astonishing abundance and variety of marine life makes it one of the best diving locations in Italy.

Corderia Nazionale

Email: info@corderianazionale.it Telephone: +39 010 246 5964

          The Corderia Nazionale underwater center has been active in the sector for over 25 years. They have a diving center in Genoa equipped with all comforts, they have two filling stations of the COLTRI SUB tanks, they organize midweek diving and weekend and full-day boat . They immerse themselves mainly in the marvelous sites of the Portofino Marine Protected Area and on the wrecks of Pelagosa and Haven . The staff takes advantage of the collaboration of over 30 dive instructors, renowned for their expertise, experience and friendliness. The center organizes diving courses at all levels , from Open Water Diver to Instructor, it is a PADI Center and it also holds courses for children aged 8 and up. Their strengths are a constant attention to the needs of customers, who are first of all friends , and a fervent creativity that leads them to organize many events .
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