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Casino Point is one of the most popular dive sites off Santa Catalina Island and Southern California, for that matter. The site is accessible via the stairway, the water is calm, and visibility is decent to great (5-30 meters/15-100 feet).

The site features several small wrecks such as the Kist Met wreck and the Sue-Jac wreck. The underwater landscape is also defined by many boulders, outcroppings, rock walls, pinnacles, but also a sandy bottom.

Representative for this area is the fastest growing plant in the world – the giant kelp. Among the kelp, you’ll find fish such as banded guitarfish, garibaldi, halibut, blacksmith, sheepshead, seniorita fish, kelp bass, as well as angel sharks.

The average dive depth at Casino Point is 15 meters/50 feet and the maximum depth is 29 meters/95 feet, which makes this site suitable for divers of all levels.

Dive site info provided by Amelia Q on Mar 16, 2021

Nearby Dive Centers

Ordered by distance, within a range of 25km

Catalina Divers Supply

Email: info@catalinadiverssupply.com Telephone: 310-510-0330

          Catalina Divers Supply is the longest-running full-service diving facility on Catalina Island. We've been in the business of helping divers enjoy the natural beauty and splendor of Catalina Island's marine environment for over 50 years. Our direct efforts are largely responsible for the construction, maintenance and preservation of the Casino Point Underwater Park. We continue working to ensure Catalina Island remains an exceptional diving location for years to come.
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