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Nearby Dive Centers

Ordered by distance, within a range of 25km

Coco Grove Beach And Dive Resort

Email: reservations@cocotravelsafaris.com Telephone: (+63) 917 325 1292

          Coco Grove Dive Center offers a range of diving courses and equipment to suit your preference. They also have a certified PADI and SSI courses taught by qualified instructors. The Dive Shop stocks quality snorkeling and diving equipment available for hire/rent. Dive tours to Apo Island (one of the top 10 best dive sites in the world) can be arranged everyday from Coco Grove Beach Resort. Apo Island Beach Resort has 9 simple but beautiful rooms, a restaurant and all the dive gear you need (for hire) right there on Apo Island.

Sea Pearl Divers

Email: info@seapearldivers.com Telephone: +63 917 6565 475

          Sea Pearl Divers makes diving safe and fun. With branded new equipment and the shop located in the center of San Juan, we are ready to take you out diving or snorkeling. They use a Speed boat or go by car to reach the dive-sites around the island. Meet the instructors and dive masters who take you out diving or will teach you to become a diver. Diving in Siquijor is possible all around the year. Many dive sites can be reached via shore entry. Great wall diving makes Siquijor slowly famous, swim along with turtles or simply enjoy the healthy coral gardens. The coastline is mostly white sand beaches, the reefs are in pristine condition with many big coral and lots of fish. From macro to big fish, Siquijor have it all... The marine life in around Siquijor has everything to offer and this is what makes the Philippine Islands famous. Siquijor was declared a marine reserve in 1978. Diving in Siquijor is sure to create vibrant memories of dive experiences that will forever be impossible to replicate.

Kiwi Dive Resort

Email: info@kiwidiveresort.com Telephone: +63 908 889 2283

          Kiwi Dive Resort offers peace and quiet. One can sleep absolutely undisturbed by any outside noise, except of course for the gentle sound of the waves. The cottages are complete with first class mattresses ensuring one a comfortable and good nights sleep. Kiwi is just five meters from a white sandy beach. You can swim, snorkel, dive or sun bathe. What a decision to make!! Want to get away try a stroll on the sand, few tourists, no vendors no hassles. Nature at its best. Relax and enjoy the slapping of the waves, watch the fisher folk going about catching their daily needs. Often guest are invited to join the local people in a simple meal of freshly caught fish and rice, cooked right on the beach. These people are un spoilt by tourism and just want to share your company.

Last Frontier Dive

Email: info@lastfrontierdive.com Telephone: +63 917 553 0454

          Last Frontier Dive is located at Siquijor Island and Panglao Island, Bohol. Both Siquijor and Bohol are very nice, host a healthy coral reef and different kind of marine life, big fish and macro world. So Bohol and Siquijor are very famous dive locations and some of the top dive destinations in the Philippines. Last Frontier Dive wil escort you both in Siquijor and Bohol which are wonderful, and divers heaven in Philippines!

Villa Marmarine Dive Resort

Email: villamarmarine_resort@yahoo.co.jp Telephone: +63 35 480 9167

          Villa Marmarine Diving Center is an experienced dive center located in the heart of Siquijor. It has been open for business on Siquijor since 2010. They have an experienced staff on hand to assist you in any diving matter and let you feel the Filipino Japanese hospitality. The dive center is one of the established scuba diving operators in the Siquijor,Visayas. The central part of the Philippines. Villa Marmarine is one of the dive centers at Siquijor and guys explored this, now well known dive area. There is even dive sites that we are really proud to let you explore.

Siquijor Divers

Email: info@siquijordivers.com Telephone: +63 995 509 4278

          Siquijor Water Sports Ltd. is a modern, well-equipped dive education centre located in-between two of the best dive sites on Siquijor island, namely the Tubod and Maite marine sanctuaries. The south west coast of Siquijor is home to many excellent dive locations located within minutes of the Siquijor Water Sports (SWS) buildings. The modern facilities are designed to give you excellent services, whether it be educational or simply diving for fun and experience.

Dive Point

Email: info@dive-point.net Telephone: +63 (0)90 6355 3020

          With your first step in this dive center you'll find out that they care about your pleasure and safety while diving with them. Dive Point's team is dedicated to diving with many years of diving experiences and thousands of dives. All are qualified for the activities you'll make it here. They'll do their best for you to remember the holidays great diving adventure. Join the SSI one of the largest and best diving associations in the world and become fully certified OWD. For the groups Dive Point organises diving land tours to Dauin area known for macro diving, Scuba diving at Apo Island and Whale Shark Snorkeling tour in south Cebu Island.

Salamangka Beach And Dive Resort

Email: info@salamangkaresort.com Telephone: +63 917 588 68 73

          Salamangka Beach and Dive Resort opened in May 2014 and became accredited by the Philippine Department of Tourism in November of the same year. Sustainability, and the respect and conservation of our environment, is at the core of the resort. They believe that when you see the natural beauty of the island and its waters, you will gain a new appreciation for our planet. Salamangka Beach and Dive Resort's conviction is more than just words: it’s something they live by and put into practice every day. They’ve installed solar panels at the resort that currently generate 40% of the energy thye use. They are also working to reduce plastic in the oceans – one of the largest and most visible problems that the world faces – by eliminating plastic drinking bottles and offering each guest a complimentary, reusable aluminium bottle instead.

Apo Diver

Email: info@apo-diver.com Telephone: +63 927 039 1433

          Apo Diver offers: - Dive Course - Introductory Dive - Dive & Snorkeling - PADI Instructor leaded - CMAS Instructor leaded - Party Sunset Tours

Flora's Dive And Resort

Email: florasdive@gmail.com Telephone: +63 995 128 7987

          Flora’s Dive & Resort is owned and managed by our family, the Floras, and it is one of the few fully filipino owned resorts on Siquijor island. Neal, the owner was working as a divemaster in Kiwi Resort for over 20 years. He also worked as a freelance divemaster in Tubbataha Reef during summers. In 2011 he decided to separate and build his own resort with the help of his family. The resort is now run by us: Neal and his sons Chris, Chad and Bud, and other family members: Don-Don, Inking and Sabel. Neal has over 30 years experience in diving and knows the best diving spots around the island and will guarantee that every single dive you have will be worth it. Chris, Chad, Bud, Don-Don and the girls will ensure a pleasant and unforgettable stay in our little paradise by taking care of the services: cooking delicious meals, cleaning, organising transportation and activities around the island, babysitting, etc.
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