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Aravind's Wall

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Aravind's Wall is a fascinating dive site located off Pondicherry city. With a depth of 40 meters/130 feet, it is accessible only to advanced open water divers. Although it is considered a wall dive, the site features only a huge rock formation resembling a wall. The rock is 2.5 km/1.5 miles long and runs from south to north.

This dive site is huge, so it was divided into several sub-sites. Each offers something unique. There’s plenty to see at Aravind's Wall, from the beautiful populations of gorgonians and whip corals to the wide range of animal species such as snappers, groupers, jacks, fusiliers, rabbitfish, bannerfish, and all sorts of crustaceans.

The main attractions at Aravind's Wall are the manta rays and whale sharks, some of the big pelagics that make it on every diver’s bucket list.

The best times for scuba diving in the Pondicherry region are February to April and September to November. These periods ensure 20 to 30 meters/66-100 feet of visibility.

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