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About the dive center

Dive Moalboal offers rich marine life and spectacular coral reefs with deep walls plunging down to 40meters. The coral reef is build from hard corals including enormous table corals, fragile staghorn corals and a big variety of soft corals in breathtaking colors.
The Blue Abyss Dive Shop has been established in Moalboal since 1997 and is located right at the sea. They offer daily dive trips which will be accompanied by an experienced Instructor who is familiar with the diving area for more than 20 years.
They reach the dive sites with their 12m Banca boat which can accommodate all the divers. A large awning provides shade on the mostly sunny days. There is always an oxygen unit, first aid kit, spare diving equipment and a mobile phone on board.
After the dive the guests are served with small appetizers like biscuits. Water, coffee or tea is available free of charge. Three large tables in the garden like area invite for reading, filling out your log book or sharing the latest excitement from your dive.WiFi connection is available free of charge.


Where you can find the dive center

Panagsama Beach,Basdiot, Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines


Images provided by the dive center

Picture added by The Blue Abyss Dive Shop