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About the dive center

Oasis Divers first opened their doors in August of 1996. Started by Captain Everette Freites and Dale Barker, Oasis Divers goal was simple: provide scuba divers with a top-notch dive experience in one of the Caribbean’s best diving places, the Turks and Caicos Islands. With only Everette, Dale, and one boat, they began offering tours and training to divers from all over the world.
Over the next few years Oasis Divers became an island mainstay and earned itself a strong reputation in the diving community.
As the years passed on and tourism to the island continued to grow, so did Oasis Divers. With the help of their amazing team, Everette and Dale were able to expand Oasis Divers into a full-fledged watersports operator. Grand Turk snorkeling tours, deep sea fishing, Grand Turk kayaking, whale-watching, and sailing were added to the repertoire. Oasis Divers was also recognized as an industry leader and won multiple awards including “Top Dive Operator” and “Top Tour Operator”.
Today Oasis Divers has two shops located on Grand Turk, a variety of boats, and employs over 50 people from a variety of backgrounds. The company strives to stay at the top of the diving and watersports industry with a continued emphasis on unique experiences, safety standards, and personalized service. Everette and Dale still run the company on a day-to-day basis and enjoy meeting people from all over the world and introducing them to the underwater realm.


Where you can find the dive center

1 Duke St, TKCA 1ZZ, Grand Turk