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About the dive center

Baikaltek first diving safari took place in 1988. Since that time they have been making multiple and various dives in the Baikal annually, learning about the lake more and more. Having 28 years of safari arrangement experience, they worked out their EXCLUSIVE PROGRAMMES for diving safaris. They proceeded from the seasonal approach - when it is the best time to see this or that place.
They invite you to practice and to study technical diving here at Baikal. You’ll get outstanding experience learning technical diving here in Baikal conditions, in dry suits, in cold water under the supervision of our experienced staff. Their experience shows them that people who have learned technical diving under these conditions has proven to have a highest level of preparedness.
In the data of “BaikalTek” they have the best characteristics for Baikal dive-sites, it was made by Gennady Misan. Gennady has been doing deep-dives for more than 10 years, and constantly hold technical classes, organizes and provides safety during deep-dives at Baikal both on air (in the way of Deep Air and Extended Range) and on trimix mixes.
Learn how to dive or upgrade to a new level according to CMAS, IANTD, SDI, TDI. Diver CMAS 1, 2 & 3 stars, Open water diver, Advanced open water diver, Dive master, Solo diver. Specializations: ice diver, dry suit diver, rescue, medic first aid, deep diver, night diver, computer diver, nitrox, underwater navigator, pick buoyancy performance and others. Technical diving courses TDI, IANTD - Nitrox, Advanced nitrox, Decompression procedures, Extended Range, Advanced trimix. And also, education for a professional level – instructor IANTD, TDI/SDI or CMAS.


Where you can find the dive center

Krasnokazachya str. 85, Irkutsk, 664081 RUSSIA


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