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Scuba Diving in Chile

The longest and thinnest country in the world has always been a major tourist destination. Chile is a country of diverse landscapes and a wide range of climates. It’s home to the Andes mountain range, the Patagonian Plateau, and the Atacama Desert, but it also boasts nearly 6,500 km of coastline and provides a multitude of watersports opportunities.

Chile Scuba Diving Info

Chile’s waters are populated with a variety of flora and fauna. The Humboldt current that runs from the south to the north part of the country brings lots of plankton that marine life thrives on. These waters are home to large mammals such as blue whales, elephant seals, sea lions, and bottlenose dolphins, as well as numerous fish and invertebrate species.
Northern Chile is said to offer the best diving, with warmer waters and the most diverse species of coral and fish. But there are opportunities for diving in many other parts of the country, as we’ll discuss further down.

When to Visit

Due to its temperate climate, diving in Chile is possible all year round.

Water Temperature

Water temperatures are lower in July - September (15° C/61° F) and warm up from January to March (21° C/79° F). Easter Island and Northern Chile typically have the coldest water.


The underwater visibility in Chile is usually excellent, exceeding 30 meters/100 feet. Around Easter Island, it can reach up to 60 meters/200 feet.

Types of Diving

  • Reef diving
  • Wall diving
  • Cave diving
  • Cavern diving
  • Wreck diving

Chile Scuba Diving Highlights

Easter Island

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, is a mysterious remote island that’s well-known throughout the world for its Moai statues. This is the most popular destination for divers in Chile, with replicas of the Moai placed underwater. Check out the Trail of the Moai dive site to see them. There are also plenty of other fascinating dives where you can explore caverns and lava tubes.


Located in Northern Chile, Antofagasta is a port town that boasts more than 17 dive sites along its coast, most of which are found close to land. There’s a variety of dives you can try here, including wreck diving at Maria Elizabeth Shipwreck dive site and wall diving at Anemone Wall. Lucky divers may spot whales, sea lions, dolphins, and other spectacular wildlife.

Juan Fernandez Archipelago

This volcanic archipelago offers an interesting underwater topography and a variety of marine animals. The islands' waters surrounding the islands are inhabited by sea lions, Magellanic penguins, and lots of fish. Excellent dive sites are found around Robinson Crusoe island.


The Coquimbo region offers numerous dive sites for beginners and experienced divers alike. One of the best dives here is Las Catedrales, an underwater mountain range with scenic lava tunnels and walls. Dive off Pichidangui to see Chile’s corals. Coquimbo is also yet another place where you can bump into sea lions and dolphins.

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Dive sites in the area:

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Valparaiso, Chile

Dive Site Map
Roca La Baja

Valparaiso, Chile

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Motu Nui

Easter Island, Chile

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El Buey

Antofagasta, Chile

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Vapor Lima

Antofagasta, Chile

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Lobera De Curaumilla

Valparaiso, Chile

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Easter Island, Chile

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Anemone Wall

Antofagasta, Chile

Dive Site Map

Easter Island, Chile

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Te Peu

Easter Island, Chile

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