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10 Scuba Diving YouTube Channels to Subscribe to

Some of the best things in life are free, and we feel like YouTube is the perfect example. With so many content creators using the platform, we would’ve been surprised not to find some scuba diving enthusiasts, eager to share their adventures and knowledge on this popular social network. If you’re tired of what Netflix or other streaming services have to offer and want to check out what else is there, we know a few scuba diving YouTube channels that are both entertaining and informative.


With over 10 million subscribers and over 500 uploaded videos, DALLMYD is not only the most popular scuba diving channel on YouTube but also the largest. The man behind the channel is Jake Koehler, a scuba diving enthusiast and treasure hunter that spends much of his time searching waterways for lost treasures. His channel is now his main source of income, which is why you won’t have to wait too long for a new video.

DALLMYD was not always an adventure channel. In the beginning, Jake’s channel featured videos of him playing video games, but he decided to make the switch after discovering freediving and scuba diving. The idea of filming himself searching for “treasures” came after his first find: a working GoPro. Throughout the years, Jake came across many interesting items, such as functional iPhones, wedding rings, and even guns. Koehler says he holds onto everything he finds and hopes to someday display the items for his fans to see.

Explore Oceans

Explore Ocean’s concept is different from what we’ve come across so far in the sense that we get to see the underwater world as it is, raw and unedited. This large live nature cam network gathers footage from all around the world, which you get to see in real-time straight from your couch. Most of the videos allow you to see life unfolding undisturbed while listening to the sound of the ocean. On Explore Ocean’s channel, you’ll also find live chats with different types of professionals and even live chats with scuba divers while they’re underwater.


If you’re into vividly-colored reefs and tropical destinations, then you should love PADI’s videos. As you’d expect from the world’s largest diver training and certification organization, their channel features hundreds of videos showcasing some of the most stunning diving locations on Earth. You’ll also find some useful how-to videos on things like clearing your mask, equalization techniques, gear assembly, regulator recovery, and many other useful tips.


Also one of the largest diving certification agencies in the world, International Training has joined YouTube to share their scuba diving tips on things like basic skills in scuba, ascending, descending, marine life interactions, dive planning with a computer, how to perform a buddy check, and much more. Unlike PADI, you won’t find any eye-catching travel videos, but if you’re interested in online learning, the SDI TDI ERDI PFI FRTI channel is definitely a useful resource for scuba divers and snorkelers.


Jonathan Bird’s Blue World is an award-winning underwater science adventure series hosted by underwater cinematographer Jonathan Bird. Each segment of the program finds Bird trying to unravel animal behavior or explore oceanic environments. On the BlueWorldTV channel, visitors get to see many captivating excerpts from the show – from the exploration of underwater caves to swimming with dugongs, sharks, dolphins, and numerous other marine creatures.

Simply Scuba

If you live in Europe, you may have heard about Simply Scuba, a renowned UK retailer featuring dozens of diving brands and manufacturers. Being around scuba gear all day has made these guys knowledgeable about what makes good scuba gear and the details you need to look for. On their Simply Scuba channel, they upload many scuba advice clips, product unboxing, and product reviews. You’ll also find news, interviews with people from the industry, and other scuba-related videos.

Divers Ready

The Divers Ready channel is run by scuba diving instructor James Blackman. James started his diving career in England but has since moved to sunny Miami, where he mentors new generations of technical divers and public safety divers. Through his channel, the diving instructor shares his tips on how to sharpen your diving skills and how to make smarter choices when it comes to the gear you use. James has already uploaded dozens of videos where he shares his expertise along with several travel vlogs where he dives spectacular wrecks such as the USS Kittiwake in Grand Cayman.

Expedition Drenched

Turning to more lifestyle-geared scuba diving YouTube channels, Expedition Drenched is run by two professional scuba divers from Hawaii that travel around the world and participate in all sorts of outdoor activities such as diving, hiking, and boating. The couple, Nate and Jordan, post about once per week, and they always seem to be in some idyllic place having the best time of their lives. Seeing them having so much fun scuba diving and boating in sun-soaked destinations sure triggers our wanderlust.

Annie Crawley

Annie is not a big YouTuber but she definitely deserves more recognition. The underwater photographer and filmmaker is a scuba diving instructor that spends much of her time abroad exploring the oceans. Although she doesn’t follow a posting schedule and you may have to wait a while for her next film, Annie’s videos are beautifully shot and informative and well worth the wait. As an ocean advocate, she not only shows the beauty of the underwater world but also touches upon important issues such as plastic pollution.

Man +River

Yet another treasure hunter (not that we mind), Man +River is a YouTube channel that shows just how many crazy items get lost in rivers and lakes. The man behind the channel is Dallas, a freediver and scuba diver that frequently goes on treasure hunting adventures with the goal of returning lost objects to their original owners. Follow him on his adventures as he finds phones, drones, knives, rusty coins, sunglasses, jewelry, and all sorts of things that definitely don’t belong in the water.

What scuba diving YouTube channels are you subscribed to?

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