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Neptune's Tables is a truly beautiful and interesting dive site. With an average depth of 25 meters, a maximum depth of 40 meters and beautiful corals which can be found as shallow as 12 - 15 meters, Neptune's Tables is a really interesting dive site for all levels of divers.

Neptune's Tables received its name due to the table-shaped old, large stone corals which can be found here.

Overall there is a good visibility here, which allows divers to observe numerous interesting species such as the Acropora corals, among the many types of soft and hard corals which inhabit this dive site, nudibranchs, stingrays, garden eels, seastars and manta rays.

The alternative name of Neptune's Tables is Veronica's Reef.

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Упорядочено по расстоянию, в диапазоне 25km

Divers Village

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Ahla Diving Center In Eilat

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          The underwater world of the Red sea is amazing and great. Stunningly beautiful coral reefs, shoals of colorful fish here and there, grand like flagships larger sea inhabitants – all this can be seen only when you go scuba diving in the sea depths. Every person will find something to his liking here. Beginners and kids will definitely be interested in snorkeling with mask and snorkel at some coral reef. More advanced divers will find picturesque dive-sites of Eilat more interesting. If you do not want to stop on what you have already achieved, if you wish to make diving your profession, than we offer you to finish professional diving training courses and various diving specialties. Diving specializations will help you widen your range of skills and raise your qualification level. First Aid, Stress and Rescue on water, Night Diving, Enriched Air, Search and Recovery, Wreck Diving and many more specializations will allow you to feel comfortable in any condition and also will be useful at the time of your diving skills upgrade.

Sigala Diving School

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Camel Dive Center

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          Come diving at Camel Dive center here in Aqaba, Jordan. They have one of the most beautiful oceans of the world where you can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. They offer diving trips and tours and provide all the equipment necessary. They are lucky to have their own house reef only a walking distance from their Dive Center! They also offer full courses from Discover Scuba Dive to the professional level of Dive Master. They can also offer all courses in English , as well as female and male PADI Instructors. At Camel Dive Center they can deliver a range of diving styles. From Wreck to Deep, Drift to Wall, Night to Naturalist all the needs of a diver can be met with professionalism and reliability.

Aqaba Sharks Bay Divers

Эл. адрес: talal.abumahfouz@gmail.com телефон: +962 7 9584 3724

          Divers who love to dive from Boats Aqaba Sharks Bay Boats is one of the best dive Boats in Aqaba . Snorkeling Trips, private trips, sunset cruises.. visit www.aqabasharksbaydivers.com

Nautilus Red Sea

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Exodus Diving Center

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          Diving club "Exodus" - two families of professional divers, united their efforts to make a club combining high quality and human attitude to customers. We do not try to take quantity, in the first place - quality. Quality of equipment, quality of training and preparation, quality of accommodation, attention to detail and attitude to our guests as to family members.

Seamor Diving School

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          After many years as diving professionals, they thought that people may want to do something a little different in Eilat and that’s exactly what led them to open the Seamor diving school. Both of them are highly experienced scuba diving instructors and together they believe they can give customers a great service experience as part of the learning process – one that they would enjoy themselves and that is what has guided them from the first day they started to work and every day since then. They have introduced countless local and international students to the wonderful Red Sea with its vivid colors, calmness and all the underwater world in the red sea has to offer. Based upon that experience, they realized that the customers are looking for a bit more and decided to open the guest house which provides the perfect solution to our students who wish to stay close to the Diving school, the beach and the city .

Aqaba International Dive Center

Эл. адрес: diveaqaba@yahoo.com телефон: +962 7 9694 9082

          The owner, Ahmad, is the first dive instructor in Jordan. His first training was by the British Navy in 1964. Diving in Aqaba with a small group allows the dedicated dive staff to provide you with a personal experience. The unique concept features top quality, full service, fun filled dive adventure – all for a surprisingly low cost. If diving is what you're after, then diving with Aqaba International Dive Center will make for an unforgettable dive vacation. The center is located on The Corniche Street (King Hussein Street). Aqaba International Dive Center offers one of the most amazing and adventurous diving trips in the Red Sea area. They make snorkeling trips to the Aqaba Marine Park providing you with the equipment and accessories to enjoy your trip while exploring the aquatic life in the Red Sea.

Aqaba Pro Divers

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          As divers themselves, they are passionate about diving holidays. Their mission is to give you the kind of read sea diving holidays that they would want to experience themselves. You will find this philosophy reflected in every aspect of the operation, from the friendly dive staff, to the convenient location of the dive center. With its year-round sunshine and crystal clear warm water, the Red Sea is the ideal place to enjoy scuba diving. The underwater scenery is rich with coral-covered reefs and life big and small on famous dive sites. Aqaba pro diver offers full PADI courses from open water course to divemaster course and many specialties courses.
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