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Ras Ghamila is a long plateau that makes for a beautiful dive in the Straits of Tiran, Sharm El Sheikh. The plateau is full of coral formations and is home to plenty of marine animals like crocodile fish, triggerfish, cornetfish, groupers, as well as blue-spotted stingrays, and manta rays.

The depth at Ras Ghamila is about 30 meters/100 feet and visibility ranges from 10 to 30 meters. Diving is possible all year round, with water temperatures above 20° C throughout the year. Strong currents are often present.

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Centros de buceo cercanos

Ordenado por distancia, dentro de un rango de 25km

Sunshine Divers Club

Email: info@sunshinediversilporto.com Teléfono: +201021099819

          Our Diving Center is proud to welcome you to our adventure-fueled paradise in Sharm El-Sheikh. Are you a beginner? Not a problem. Expert? Bring it on! We offer classes for all ages and expertise's. Jump on in, because the water’s fine, the activities are great, and the company is even better!

Shamandura Diving Center

Email: support@shamanduradiving.com Teléfono: 002 01203032016, 002 01024031658

          Shamandura Diving was founded 15 years ago with the deep passion for the red sea. It was created to give something different to the divers. Our centers are located in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Inside the four star Club Reef Hotel, Labranda Tower Bay hotel, tamra beach resort as well as the Coral Beach Montazah Hotel, we serve all divers requests to enjoy the amazing diving spots in the read sea. As a result of our professional services to the divers we are certified PADI 5 stars diving center.
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