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Упорядочено по расстоянию, в диапазоне 25km

Scuba College

Эл. адрес: scubacollege@naver.com телефон: 051.625.0080

          Scuba College is the only diving institution in the country where you can receive professional training in theoretical + practical + oceanics.

Scuba Company

Эл. адрес: scubacompany@naver.com телефон: 051-909-3636

          Scuba Company is a PADI 5 STAR Dive Center located in Busan, South Korea.

Dori Scuba Diving

Эл. адрес: mimi3593@naver.com телефон: 621-21-52921

          As a marine sports company, Dori Scuba Diving is committed to improve the marine sports environment to the highest quality and the best technology. They listen to customers' wishes and try to improve the convenience of users, develop professional education systems and develop diving programs.

Sea World Busan

Эл. адрес: seaworldbusan@rocketmail.com телефон: +82 51-626-3666

          Sea World Busan is a PADI 5 star IDC Dive center and Authorized Retail shop for Go-pro, Mares, Cressi, Scuba pro etc. located in Busan, Korea. Sea World Busan's offers include: - PADI Courses - EFR Training - Scuba gears - Go pro

Duri Scuba Diving

Эл. адрес: mimi3593@naver.com телефон: (070)4300-1890

          Duri Scuba Diving is a marine sports company with the best quality and the best technology. They are taking the lead in improving their marine sports environment with responsibility.
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