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Упорядочено по расстоянию, в диапазоне 25km

Grey Nurse Charters

Эл. адрес: tony@greynurse.com.au телефон: 61 (0) 408633793

          At Grey Nurse Charters we have put our experience together to set up and operate the ideal dive boat for this region. We have dived or worked for many dive operations and have learned so when we set up a business it was the best for the area. Large dive boats are great and comfortable - ideal for places where diver groups can spread out but hopeless when large groups of divers are all dropped on one location crowding out the site and frightening marine life away. We also didn’t want to be yet another “tourist’ boat taking boat loads of divers to the same site every trip: I don’t care how good a site is: we all want variety. We are MORE than just a dive boat: - we teach PADI courses from Open Water to Dive Master and many specialities. We specialise in 3 day small group open water courses - Become a diver - don't just get a cert card. - we sell you the best gear at great prices as we keep our overheads down!

Charlestown Diving Academy

Эл. адрес: phillmyers@optusnet.com.au телефон: (61) 2-49421412

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