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Упорядочено по расстоянию, в диапазоне 25km

Carabao Dive Center

Эл. адрес: john.neri@divedavao.com телефон: + 6382 300-1092

          Operated and owned by scuba divers from different professional backgrounds, with the scuba diver's need in mind. Carabao Dive Center's vision is to become the market leader in the sports of scuba diving in this part of the country by providing the best, most value-added scuba diving services and gears to our customers, while strong advocates for marine environmental conservation and protection. Mission: - To get more people into scuba diving to enjoy that uniqure experience of the underwater world by providing affordable yet fun-filled diving experience to all. - To be an strong advocacte for marine conservation and protection, the marine environment being our source of recreation, livelihood and life.

Pro Dive Davao

Эл. адрес: prodivedavao@gmail.com телефон: (082) 321- 7920

          Pro Dive Davao is all about Diving. They have very good maintained equipment to rent. What ever your standard or experience level Pro Dive Davao is happy to welcome you on board.
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