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Crystal clear waters (visibility ~50m), mild to no current. You'll miss fishes and some colors ;-)
Green Turtle

Морская жизнь

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Green Turtle

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Упорядочено по расстоянию, в диапазоне 25km

Orca Diving Center

Эл. адрес: info@orcadivingcenter.cl телефон: +56 3225 50877

          ORCA DIVING CENTER began its activities in 1980. It was founded by two French brothers, Henri & Michel Garcia. Since then it has been the main and oldest diving center in Easter Island. Today they are part of Cousteau Divers, the first South American diving center with this distinction because of their trajectory protecting the local underwater ecosystem.

Rapa Nui Dive Center

Эл. адрес: rapanui.divecenter@gmail.com телефон: +56982583802

          Rapa Nui Dive Center is specialized in recreational diving, initiations, courses, snorkeling and deep sea fishing. They are located at the Hanga Roa Otai Cove.

Mike Rapu Diving Center

Эл. адрес: buceomikerapu@gmail.com телефон: +56 32 2551055

          PADI courses, diving trips, snorkeling.
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