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Близлежащие дайв-центры

Упорядочено по расстоянию, в диапазоне 25km

Itouch Blue Diving Centre

Эл. адрес: itouchblue1@gmail.com телефон: +960 7743094

          The Diving Centre and Guest House are managed by a team of professionally qualified Maldivians and Italian, PADI instructors, great lovers of the sea, united by the desire to meet the expectations of demanding and experienced divers and convey the same love and the same passion in those who approach for the first time to the marine world. itouch Blue collaborates with other accommodation facilities on the island in order to offer customers a comfortable stay with specific benefits of an economic nature that make the offer more attractive.

Muraka Diving

Эл. адрес: info@murakadiving.com телефон: +960 797 66 64

          Muraka Diving is run by professional PADI stuff. They dives with passion, and that's what their guests will feel. They are always traveling with small groups, because they want to see fish, not other divers.

Scuba Centre Maldives

Эл. адрес: ask@scubacentremaldives.center телефон: +960 776 7078

          Scuba Centre Maldives facilitates a custom built dive boat with a wide range of diving equipments, readily available on our dive vessel. We cater for both the biggest diving organizations in the world, PADI and SSI. Excursions and activities such as snorkelling tours, sunset dolphin cruises and fishing trips are also on offer to locals, expatriates and those guest who are staying at our selected partner hotels or guesthouses in Male Atoll region.

Kalhu Muraka Diving

Эл. адрес: info@murakadiving.com телефон: +960 797 66 64

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