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The name of this particular dive spot comes from a species of fish that can be found here in large schools, namely snappers. The main characteristic of this dive spot is its circular overhang, which is populated by the aforementioned schools of snappers (in Spanish, "pargo").

Cueva del Pargo has very little current, and with its maximum depth of 10 meters, it is an ideal dive site for beginner divers.

Besides snappers, divers can find here crabs, lobsters, shrimps, seahorses, various types of both hard and soft corals. If they are lucky they can come across stingrays and turtles.

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11 mts max. 40 min. nice visibility and small variety of animals. decent and great experience for new divers and discovery.

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Упорядочено по расстоянию, в диапазоне 25km

Diversity Diving

Эл. адрес: info@diversitydiving.com телефон: +52 984 267 2119

          Diversity Diving offers PADI courses & personalized, top-rated scuba diving in Playa del Carmen, Cozumel & Cenotes. You come as a guest, leave as a friend! At Diversity Diving, they absolutely love scuba diving and they want to share their love of what their region has to offer beneath the surface - reef diving, wall diving, bull sharks, lion fish hunting, whale shark snorkeling, and the amazingly beautiful and unique Cenotes. Their philosophy is that it should feel like you are diving with friends. Diversity believes that diving should be as stress-free, enjoyable and safe as possible, and you get to experience this best when taken care of like friends. There is a simple reason for why they choose to dive like this — this is how they themselves would like to experience diving. It means that at Diversity Diving they always dive in small groups of divers with similar experience levels and with no more than 4 divers with each instructor or guide, but often times even less. For training purposes they limit the ratio to 2:1.

Phantom Divers

Эл. адрес: Info@phantomdivers.com телефон: (52) 984 879 3988

          Phantom Divers was born in the heart of Playa del Carmen in the beautiful Mayan Riviera over 25 years ago. Since then they have been assisting divers affiliated to all the diving certification agencies (PADI, SNSI, CMAS; YMCA, ACUC, NAUI) from Mexico and all over the world. Their local scuba diving instructors and dive masters are all highly qualified professionals offering experience, self-confidence and a warm Mexican welcome. They have all the diving gear that is needed and their dive boats have been specially designed to operate in the Caribbean Sea (Playa del Carmen and Cozumel island reefs).

Aldora Divers

Эл. адрес: frontdesk@aldora.com телефон: (52) 987-8723397

          Aldora provides exceptionally long dives by using high capacity tanks (50% more air) and computer aided multi level dives. Diving is done only the best dive sites to the far south, and in small groups of similar divers. They keep experts and novices separated and in different boats because they have 7 boats and work very hard to determine each diver's needs. At Aldora they limit dive group size to a maximum of 6, and there can be a big difference in the dive quality between an operator who has groups of 8 and those with 6. Their average load is 4 divers and they always make sure that all divers in the group have similar skills and interests.

Barefoot Dive Center

Эл. адрес: barefootdiving987@gmail.com телефон: (52) 987 8783201

          At Barefoot Dive Center they are a group of highly trained diving professionals that adhere to all PADI standards of training and provide a safe and fun environment in all of their activities. They offer all levels of diving courses, guided dives for certified divers, snorkeling tours, and private boats.

Liquid Blue Divers

Эл. адрес: info@liquidbluedivers.com телефон: (210) 807 3483 From US; +52 987 564 9792 In Mexico

          Liquid Blue Divers distinguish themselves through their attention to detail. The owners dive with nearly all of their groups, which gives them the opportunity to connect with each of their divers on a personal level. In their dive groups everyone has 50% more air than the typical aluminum tank. When one or two divers do burn through their tank, one of the owners will send up a buoy and safely take the low-on-air divers to the surface and get them on the boat. Meanwhile, the rest of the divers are able to continue their dive. Their boat carries fresh towels, wintergreen lifesavers, fresh fruit, cakes or muffins, cookies, rice krispy treats, etc., foul weather jackets, a professional first aid kit and DAN oxygen. Their groups are always small with a maximum of 8 divers, but their usual group size is 5 to 6. We offer ALL of their divers complementary dive computers and they come to divers' location to pick up their gear, rinse and securely store the gear during their stay and return it to divers' location clean, dry and ready to pack.

Pluto Dive

Эл. адрес: plutodive@gmail.com телефон: (52)1 9841519046

          Pluto Dive has a small group with 5 divers and 1 instructor and personalized service. They offer scuba diving in Playa del Carmen, Cozumel Island and the extraordinary cenotes, training for PADI Courses at all levels as well as technical diving training with IANTD. They offer all the PADI and IANTD guarantees and expertise all year round.


Эл. адрес: info@divemex.net телефон: (52) 984 148 0425

          Diving with Friends This is a promise and not just a hollow phrase for us. We are a small, professional SSI and PADI dive Center since 2001 in downtown Playa del Carmen. We organize daily dive diving excursions to the local reefs of Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, the amazing Cenotes and private non diving excursions. You are looking for a passionate Diving Center that cares about its customers and not only about their money. Don't look further because you are in the right place. Book your diving experience in Mexico with us!

Dive Paradise

Эл. адрес: michael@diveparadise.com телефон: (52) 987 8721007

          Since 1984, Dive Paradise has provided safe, reliable and fun-filled scuba adventures in Cozumel. They’ve earned the reputation as “The name you know and trust.” They offer the island’s largest fleet of boats and widest variety of dive trips.

Go Divers

Эл. адрес: info@godivers.mx телефон: (+52)1 9878784257

We B Divin' Cozumel

Эл. адрес: judy@we-b-divin-cozumel.com телефон: (817) 605 6821

          We are an owner-operated dive company dedicated to giving more personalized attention, semi-private diving, private instruction and safe, fun diving. They have been providing personalized service to small groups since 1997. They also provide morning snacks; water, colas, non-cola drinks; gear set-up and change between dives; lunch (sandwiches and guacamole); towel service and overnight stowage of gear for multiple days of diving. The boat is equipped with a head and a freshwater shower to rinse off after each dive.
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