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Упорядочено по расстоянию, в диапазоне 25km

Turkuaz Dive Center

Эл. адрес: info@turkuazdivecenter.com телефон: +90 533 393 22 69

          Turkuaz Dive Center is one of the most important diving centers in Bodrum with 20 years of experience in diving, expert staff in the field, well-maintained diving equipment, 52 person capacity, 18.5 meter long comfortable sheet metal. You have the possibility to train PADI and CMAS systems at all levels. Let's explore deep blue together with quality, comfort and safe diving privileges.

Kos Divers

Эл. адрес: info@kosdivers.com телефон: +30 693 215 5422

          Kos Divers is a PADI 5* Star Dive Center provide a full range of PADI scuba diving education programs, equipment selection and experience opportunities, while encouraging aquatic environmental responsibility. We provide quality services to divers, present a professional image and actively promote the benefits of recreational scuba diving, snorkeling, and environmental protection. Kos Divers embrace the PADI System of diver education and offer regular continuing education programs to ensure divers have the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge.

Yunus Bodrum Dive Center

Эл. адрес: info@bodrumdive.com телефон: +90 252 316 58 90

          If you never dived before and always wanted to try, then here is your chance. For both complete beginners and experienced divers they can promise a day of relaxation and adventure with safe,exciting diving in the Mediterranean Sea. The comfortable dive boat is specially designed for diving with easy entry and exit from a dive platform and a large sun deck for the sunbathers.

Mako Dive Center

Эл. адрес: management@makodivingbodrum.com телефон: +90 532 241 84 89

          Mako Dive Center started to serve in Gökova to share the places they have enjoyed with great pleasure. Mako Diving takes you to a dive with a 21 meter blue cruise. Whether you want to take a daily, or weekly diving tours, they are at your service. So you can both make your blue voyage and start your diving career.

Erman Dive Center

Эл. адрес: ermandive@gmail.com телефон: +90 252 368 95 94

          Established in 1999, Erman Dive Center owes its success to the world class diving of Bodrum, TURKEY, and its dedication and commitment of excellent customer service. Since 1999, Erman Akarsu has been offering divers regulary scheduled trip on all sides of the Island, allowing guests to create their own dive vacation.

The Aegean Pro Dive Centre

Эл. адрес: info@aegeanprodive.com телефон: +90 252 316 07 37

          The Aegean Pro Dive Centre celebrates the 25th year of operation, with an international PADI and CMAS instructor and divemaster crew, who are dedicated to the highest standards of excellence, service and safety. The offer includes: Scuba Diving, Discover Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, PADI Diver Courses, CMAS Diver Courses.

Dive Academy Bodrum

Эл. адрес: info@diveacademybodrum.com телефон: +90 533 511 31 27

          Dive Academy Bodrum will help you on your journey to discover deepest waters, fascinating bays of Bodrum, as your hosts our highest purpose is to ensure your comfort, safety and gratification. With its corporate Structure, hygienic standarts, experienced instructors, high quality and brand new diving equipments Dive academy Bodrum is a professional institution. Dive academies purpose is to keep the underwater fauna and flora which has been a subject in various legends since hellenistic era by leading an environmentalist mission in order to make you a part of that legend too.. They invite you to meet fascinating underwater world of Bodrum, to feel the safety and the comfort in your home and to be a part of their professional team during your journey. Over/Under water, the highest priority is your safety. All of guests are insured during the time they spent with Dive Academy Bodrum. They care about our environment. and their mission is to provide cleaner and clearer water to next generatins. In this institution, all of the instructors have authority to certify each level of TSSF/CMAS, PADI and SSI courses.

Aquapro Dive Center

Эл. адрес: joby@aquapro-turkey.com телефон: +90 532 394 91 65

          AQUAPRO Dive Center Bodrum was created in 1997, by divers, for divers. It’s owned by an English/Turkish husband and wife team(Joby and Kenan), who are both active on the boats every day. They are the only dive center situated in the harbour of Bitez, a small village 3km west of the hustle and bustle of Bodrum. They have a free transfer service from the hotels in the local area. Aquapro dive center offers quality and safe diving. All equipment is new and meets all European standards. The qualified Instructors offer all PADI/SSI/CMAS/NASDS and NAUI courses up to professional level. Certified divers are able to rent full equipment from the extensive stock. From April until end of October our 21mt motor yacht ‘Vertigo’ departs from Bitez Harbour at 10:00am each morning, enjoying 2 dives with a freshly cooked lunch served on board each day, and returning back to bitez harbour at around 15:00-16:00pm.

Happy Bubbles Diving Center

Эл. адрес: info@happybubbles.com телефон: +90-532-597 7386

          Happy Bubbles Dive Center is Bodrum's only value added SSI Dive Center. The training services range from the entry level courses to eXtended Range course, as well as dive professional training and freediving! SSI's eXtended Range Diver Training is a whole new level of adventure. Experienced divers looking for more challenges must learn more about our XR Dive trainings and activities. Becoming an SSI Scuba Instructor is one of the most valuable assets in the scuba diving industry. Freediving is the most fun and challenging form of diving. Diving like a dolphin on one single breath will make you feel much better. You cannot imagine the potential inside you! Start SSI Basic Freediving course right away...

Liamis Diving Boat

Эл. адрес: info@kosdiving.com телефон: +30 694 429 5830

          Liamis Dive Centre was established in 1970, in Piraeus, Greece, in order to provide training and technical support to the recreational as well as to the commercial divers. The Centre/School was established by Perikles Liamis in answer to the need for trained recreational divers and the rare-existence of schools of this type. The School is the realization of his dream of sharing his experience and training with others. Perikles Liamis was born in Piraeus, the chief port in Greece, and dedicated his life to working with the industry for almost five decades. He has been associated with worldwide commercial and recreational diving companies. Liamis Dive Centre is built upon two uncompromising principles designed to benefit you. 1st principle is that they will be next to you in all phases of your day’s diving, with an unyielding commitment to safety. It is their belief that guests’ safety and satisfaction during the day trip is of foremost importance. And the 2nd is that they will treat everyone honestly and fairly, with dignity and respect, and provide a diving experience that you will never forget.
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