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Упорядочено по расстоянию, в диапазоне 25km

Beqa Lagoon Resort

Эл. адрес: info@beqalagoonresort.com телефон: +679 330 4042

          At Beqa Lagoon Resort you are able to undertake a wide variety of PADI specialty dive courses including Enriched Air Nitrox, a course that can be done in just one day. As well as specialty courses, the full-service PADI 5* dive centre is able to teach a wide range of courses from basic introduction to scuba diving and the popular PADI Open Water course, through to entry level professional level courses such as PADI Divemaster and PADI Assistant Instructor.

Royal Davui Resort

Эл. адрес: res@royaldavui.com телефон: +679 330 7090

          Royal Davui is the best resort in Fiji with access to the famous Shark Dive in Pacific Harbour. Beqa Lagoon has become famous across the globe for offering divers a wide variety of dive sites and marine life within the one Lagoon.

Beqa Adventure Divers Ltd

Эл. адрес: contactus@fijisharkdive.com телефон: 679.3450911

          Beqa Adventure Divers is a PADI Dive resort specialising in some of the best shark diving the world has to offer. They are a modern dive operation fusing Fijian hospitality with world class diving facilities. The Dive Center is located at Lagoon Resort in Pacific Harbour and is ideally suited to whisk guests out to the incredible shark diving or beautiful reefs and mysterious wrecks of Beqa Lagoon in a matter of minutes.

Lalati Resort & Spa

Эл. адрес: res@LalatiFiji.com телефон: +679-368-0453

          With the encompassing reef, there are an unlimited number of dive sites in Beqa Lagoon, and most are as close to your front door as a quick 5-20 minute boat ride away. A kaleidoscope of soft corals abound. You’ll find an amazing biodiversity of colorful reef fish and pelagics – with over 1000 species to enjoy. A huge variety of soft, hard, leather and whip coral abound as well as multi-colored sponges. There are 5 wrecks available to Lalati divers, some of which are covered in multicolored soft corals and invertebrates. And for the nudi fans, you’ll love the hundreds of different species, in spectacular colors, that you’ll find.

Aqua Trek Beqa

Эл. адрес: info@aquatrek.com телефон: (679) 773-0324

          Aqua-Trek is Fiji's premier Dive Operator serving divers since 1985 with a friendly professional staff, a 5-star standard of quality and a pristine safety record. Aqua-Trek's Beqa facility offers world-class dive adventures in Beqa Lagoon, renowned for its stunning soft coral displays. Divers are pleased to discover that Aqua-Trek's guides are experts at locating the most elusive and unique marine life. But that's not all Aqua-Trek Beqa is famous for, thanks to Aqua-Trek's highly skilled dive staff, the Beqa area is home to the world's most diverse shark feed in the world, Aqua-Trek's Ultimate Shark Encounter. Eight different species of shark including massive bull and tiger sharks can be found on this one dive! Aqua-Trek pioneered shark diving in Fiji back in the 1980s and has been performing shark dives in the Beqa area since 1997 with a pristine safety record. Divers are amazed at how they are able to safely witness so many sharks in their natural environment, and learn that they are not the mindless predators they are made out be. World famous filmmakers and photographers such as Stan Waterman and Howard Hall have dived Aqua-Trek's Shark encounter and have been equally excited about the diversity of species found on this dive. Sharks play an important part in the health of reef ecosystems and Aqua-Trek's mission has always been to protect, educate, and conserve. As part of its conservation efforts, Aqua-Trek has worked with local villages in developing a marine park to protect the sharks and the important marine eco-system.

Waidroka Bay Resort

Эл. адрес: reservations@waidroka.com телефон: +679 7734605

          WAIDROKA DIVE offers the perfect set-up, conveniently located on VITI LEVU…no further inter island flights or ferries…private BOUTIQUE DIVE RESORT experience & personal atmosphere…a real ‘Home away from Home’…3.5 star *** amenities with air-conditioning, 3-G Wi-Fi & mini fridges…superb fresh food…huge amount of CULTURAL & ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES for non-divers or off-dive days…amazing variety of dive sites within 10-45 minutes boat ride…fleet of 5 DIVE BOATS…FULL-SERVICE PADI DIVE CENTER…suits large Groups of up to 28 divers…extremely passionate & experienced dive staff…tropical warm water…great value for money!
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