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Amed Ghost Bay

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Amed Ghost Bay can go to a maximum depth of 40 meters and, as it is a drift dive with moderate current, it is best if divers of at least intermediate level would adventure at this spot.

The main point of attraction at Amed Ghost Bay is the artificial reef. Back in the 1980s, when the whole area was undergoing massive and rapid construction projects, locals were using the corals in the bay instead of mortar. Decades later, they finally realised the toll this has taken on the local environment, and starting with 2003 there have been numerous initiatives for tackling this issue and reversing it through artificial reefs.

Nowadays, Amed Ghost Bay shelters a multitude of species, such as octopus, lionfish, crabs, seahorses, cardinal fish, pipefish, blue spotted stingrays, stonefish, which divers can explore easily thanks to a visibility of at least 20 meters.

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