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40 Canones is one of the most popular dive sites in Mahahual. Here you can find amazing topography with a wall that starts approximately at 12mts/40fts and goes all the way down to 40mts/130fts. On this wall you will find severals canyons and swim throughs. At the top part of the reef you will find most of the life and colours but as you go down it keeps giving you all sorts of life with all kind of fishes and creatures you could expect from the caribbean sea as different species of eels, rays, lobsters, turtles and fishes.

This dive site offers great dive for beginers but also for advanced divers who are looking to get beautiful marine life mixed with crazy topography.

At the same time 40 Canones is a dive site with a low level of risk, most of the time there's great visibility and almost no current.

In 40 Canones we always have to drift (even if there is no current) from south to norh, unless the current doesn't allow us.

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Takata Experience

Эл. адрес: info@takataexperience.com телефон: (52) 1 983 1765853

          Takata Experience is a PADI dive center and also a Research Center specialized in Coastal Ecology and Environmental Management. They provide personalized attention to divers of all levels of experience, from those breathing underwater for the first time to the more experienced diver who is looking for a new challenge and adventure. It is their belief that diving is an activity in which people of all ages and backgrounds should participate, despite possible obstacles or disabilities. All that is needed is a correct environment in which to learn. This is why the team of Dive Instructors is dedicated towards providing the perfect training, contributing with their varied backgrounds to provide a quality learning experience.

Maya Palms Resort

Эл. адрес: info@mayapalms.com телефон: (52) 888 843-3483

          Doug and Catherine Goergens, owners of West End Diving located in St. Louis, Missouri, have been serving the diving community since 1960 and developed and operate the Maya Palms Resort, the Bonne Terre Mine – “Billion Gallon Lake Resort” (the largest freshwater dive resort in the world) and the 1909 Depot. The Goergens’ companies have been visited and featured through the years by the likes of Jacques Cousteau, National Geographic Magazine, People Magazine, Good Morning America, Discover Channel, History Channel and many more. Additionally, the Maya Palms Resort has been featured in Sport Diver Magazines World’s Best Diving and Resorts.

Dreamtime Dive Resort

Эл. адрес: info@dreamtimediving.com телефон: (52) 19831240235

          Dreamtime is the only PADI affiliated dive center in Mahahual and has been offering diving there since 2005. They are an ecologically conscious dive operation and pride themselves on being the safest, most forward-thinking dive center in the region. Dreamtime is a dive center with a philosophy built around diver safety, environmental protection, and fun. At Dreamtime, they offer daily dive excursions, snorkel tours, and educational courses from Discover Scuba for first time divers to Assistant Instructor for the more advanced professionals. They also teach many of the specialties available under the PADI umbrella.
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