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Упорядочено по расстоянию, в диапазоне 25km

Easydivers Dive Centre

Эл. адрес: info@easydivers.pt телефон: +351 966 192 299

          Their philosophy is to provide high quality diving services, complying with all ISO standards, safety and comfort requirement. They provide special attention to the preservation of the environment and underwater heritage, enhancing tourism throughout the year. They aim to exceed the expectations of their clients in a professional and familiar environment to offer a memorable experience. When diving with them, divers will have access to various types of diving, such as reefs, wall diving, artificial reefs, wrecks, caves and much more, where they will find an abundant marine life and a magnificent setting that makes the experience exciting for those seeking a discovery or adventure. They provide all types of underwater activities from snorkeling, diving trips, discover scuba diving, courses, repairs and equipment sales, etc.

Indigo Divers - Albufeira Dive Centre

Эл. адрес: info@indigo-divers.pt телефон: (+351) 289 587 013

          Indigo Divers - Albufeira Dive Centre is the only 5 Star IDC Authorised Award Winning PADI dive centre established in Albufeira They offer a range of courses from total beginner, wishing to breathe underwater for the first time, to becoming a Pro with Divemaster, Instructor courses and many Speciality courses. They have extensive knowledge and experience in the Algarve – above and below the water. They personalize their dives to suit divers' experience level, having beach and boat dives along the Algarvian coast. All dives are guided by a PADI professional.

Algarve Diveexperience

Эл. адрес: info@algarve-scuba-diving.com телефон: +351 282 098 635

          They are a 5-star PADI Resort which caters for all levels of divers. They specialize in providing first-timers who are interested in giving the sport a try with a safe, fun, informal introduction to the world of Scuba Diving, as well as in running PADI-recognized diving courses up to Divemaster level, in Portuguese, English and German. At Algarve Divexperience they have explored the coastline for many years and are happy to share their expertise, guiding divers to the most interesting local dive locations. They offer both shore and boat diving.

Zip & Trip

Эл. адрес: info@zipandtripalgarve.com телефон: +351 929 259 348

          Their aim is to organize experiences that promote the well-being of the people who come with them, interfering as little as possible with the surrounding environment. In 2018 they will continue their search for less known places, where nature is in its wildest state.

Easydivers Portugal

Эл. адрес: info@easydivers.pt телефон: +351 966 192 299

Openwaters - Diving Center

Эл. адрес: openwatersdive@gmail.com телефон: +351 289 312 258

          They are a company dedicated to the practice of scuba diving on the Algarve coast since 2005. They have a team of experienced divers in the areas of technical and recreational diving. They promote diving in the region showing the underwater wealth according to the standards of good practice for this activity, ensuring the safety of divers and respect for the underwater heritage.

Diver's Cove

Эл. адрес: diverscoveportugal@gmail.com телефон: +351 918 872 235

          Diver's Cove is the first and oldest PADI-Dive center in southern Portugal. Diving with Diver's Cove includes all family and friends, especially children. The dive center is located in front of the reception of the hotel area of Quinta do Paraíso in Praia do Carvoeiro. Their dive training is done inside the pools of the hotel Quinta do Paraíso and the most beautiful beaches of the Algarve. They also offer boat dives on the reefs in front of Lagos and Sagres. Their advanced divers have the possibility to join for unforgettable dives on the big wrecks in front of Alvor. The corvettes "Oliveira do Carmo" and "Zambeze" are a unique dive spot for experienced divers.

Subnauta Dive The Algarve

Эл. адрес: info@subnauta.pt телефон: +351 93 557 7000

          Subnauta was founded with the aim of providing a unique dive center in the Portuguese diving market. It is an ambitious project carried out by divers for divers. It offers a range of services that allows safer, more comfortable and higher quality dives. They offer innovative services with technically advanced diving equipment, boats and support to promote their cultural assets and underwater flora and fauna.
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