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О дайв-центре

Wandao Diving Club (company name: Zhuhai Wandao Tourism Co., Ltd.) was established on October 15, 2013 in Waigao, Zhugan Town, Zhuhai City. It specializes in recreational diving, diving research, island tours, speedboat rentals, and sea fishing.
The company has 22 employees, including 2 international-level diving instructors, 9 diving managers with PADI dive cards, 3 experienced professional shipping drivers and several professional customer service specialists. On the beautiful Waimao Island, the company is committed to the friendship of the landlords, adhering to: "professional, humane" aims to provide customers with the best quality service.


Где вы можете найти дайв-центр

Wandao Dive Base, Waipi Island, Zhuhai City (next to the beach)