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Choose your cruise from Scuba Diving, to free diving or Kite surfing to satisfy your desires. Discover the best coral reefs in the world and see one of the world’s most mesmerizing marine environments, flourish nearly every species of coral and incredible fish life. Thrill-seekers, Kite-surfers will enjoy the drift built-up by hacking through the blue lagoons powered only by the wind.
You will find our diving team to be professional, friendly, helpful and ready to take care of you on your new Red Sea adventure.
Trusted professional brand name scuba diving manufacturers manufacture all of our diving equipment, tanks and diving gear. Our gear is meticulously maintained to ensure your comfort and safety.
On our liveaboard dive safaris to the Red Sea, our main priorities on our boats are your safety and comfort. We cater for vegetarian and non-vegetarians, and any other special needs you require.


Где вы можете найти дайв-центр

New Marina, C3, No. 201, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt