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Wainilu dive site, also known as Wainilu Mangrove, is one of the most rewarding spots for macro lovers. At first, it may not look convincing, as it’s only a sloping shallow coral field broken up by patches. This muck dive is filled with nudibranch, pipefish, frogfish, mandarin fish, zebra crabs, pygmy seahorses, blue-ring octopuses, mimic octopuses, bobtail squid, harlequin sweetlips, ribbon eels, and shrimps of all kinds. It truly is a macro photographer’s heaven!

Divers need to have good buoyancy to avoid stirring up the sand and silt because this can greatly decrease visibility. Otherwise, visibility is good. There are also little to no currents present. The maximum depth of the Wainilu dive site is 15 meters/50 feet, which makes it suitable for divers of all levels.

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Ordenado pela distância, dentro de um intervalo de 25km

Orca Dive Club Flores

O email: info@orca-diveclub-flores.com Telefone: +62 821 479 57666

          The ORCA Dive Club has a private, 18-meter boat with which the dive sites around the west of Flores are accessed. Spectacular dives with manta rays or sharks are possible here all year round. The Strait of Komodo is known for its great diversity. However, strong currents have to be expected at some dive sites.

Mikumba Diving

O email: info@mikumbadiving.com Telefone: ‭‭+62 812 4850 9702

          Discover the wonders of Indonesia with Mikumba Diving, above and below the surface. With extensive knowledge, experience and passion Mikumba Diving will give you an unforgettable experience in some of the best diving spots in the world, Raja Ampat & Komodo.

Dragon Dive Komodo

O email: diving@dragondivekomodo.com Telefone: +62 (0)3 85 244 0412

          Join the Dragon Dive Komodo's scuba diving school, hotel & Hostel on Labuan Bajo for daily dive trips or long stay package. Join our amazing Liveaboard. Dragon Dive Komodo is one of the best place in Labuan Bajo to begin your scuba diving adventure or starting your next level of SSI dive courses.

Blue Marlin Dive Komodo

O email: info@bluemarlinkomodo.com Telefone: +62 (0) 385 41789

          Blue Marlin is Labuan Bajo's first PADI 5* Resort providing guests with day trips catering to different levels and styles of diving, liveaboards, PADI courses taught by multilingual PADI instructors, the only purpose-built training pool in town, accommodation options for different budgets, and a restaurant serving delicious meals all the while offering world class views and spectacular sunsets.

Komodo Dive Center

O email: info@komododivecenter.com Telefone: +62 (0) 81236303644

          Komodo Dive Center offers daily dive excursions into the famous Komodo National Park, located in Flores Indonesia. Their local and western dive guides are first rate in both professionalism and fun, trained in the probably best diving region in South East Asia.

Azul Unlimited Komodo

O email: info@azulunlimited.com Telefone: +62 81337268820

          Your Guide to Scuba Diving in Komodo If you want to get away from the crowds and experience the truly spectacular scuba diving in Indonesia, then this is the place for you. Regardless of whether you have never been diving or if you have thousands of dives under your belt, scuba diving in the Komodo National Park will not disappoint. Here, you will finally see more fish than fins. We are also lucky to dive a super healthy coral reef system due to the cooler water temperatures (between 24C and 28C). The biodiversity of the reef is also world renowned and you can expect to see a wide variety of beautiful fish and invertebrates. The team at Azul Unlimited has been teaching recreational and professional level scuba courses for the better part of a decade. Our intention with being a part of the Labuan Bajo dive community is to expand the reach of quality scuba courses regardless of the level.

Neren Diving Komodo

O email: nerendivingkomodo@gmail.com Telefone: +62/813-3889-8287

          Learning how to dive with Neren Diving Komodo is FUN! NEREN Diving Komodo offers Padi courses from the Open Water till the Dive Master. Their Instructors are all very experienced and they will be happy to share this learning experience with you!

Scuba Junkie Komodo

O email: scubajunkiekomodo@gmail.com Telefone: (+62) 81236517973

          Scuba Junkie Komodo Beach & Dive Resort is the latest adventure by the Scuba Junkie dive team that has been based in SE Asia for over 14 years. Started in Sabah, Malaysia where the first Scuba Junkie dive shop and resort is still based on Mabul Island, close to the famous Sipadan Island, and diving some of the best reefs Malaysia and indeed the world has to offer, Scuba Junkie has developed into a well known and well respected dive center and Eco resort developer.

Wicked Diving Komodo

O email: info@wickeddiving.com Telefone: +62 812 396 411 43

          Wicked Diving is not your ordinary dive center. They fiercely believe in making a positive impact each day…from the ecologically friendly products used on the boats & shops to the community based training programs they undertake. Wicked Diving were the first dive center in both Thailand and Indonesia to have a responsible tourism policy and they continue to pioneer socially responsible action in the tourism industry.

"red Whale" Dive Center

O email: info@redwhaledc.com Telefone: (+62)81-337591335

          Established in 2014, “Red Whale Dive Center” is located in Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia. They believe in preserving nature and they strive for sustainable business. In Komodo National Park, you can really savor the beauty of untouched wilderness, one thing that has become scarce these days.
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