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Moray Eel
Sea Snake
Grooved Brain Coral

Vida Marinha

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Moray Eel
Sea Snake
Grooved Brain Coral

Centros de Mergulho nas proximidades

Ordenado pela distância, dentro de um intervalo de 25km

Green Star Dive Center

O email: greenstardiving@gmail.com Telefone: +84 0258 3526 828

          Green Star Dive Center is a new dive center, but with staff who have many years of experience in the scuba diving industry. The owner has been diving in the area for more than 10 years of his life. Green Star Dive Center offers professional and safe services and guests satisfaction is what they are aiming for. Also they can offer PADI and SSI courses for all levels, from beginner to professional.

Nha Trang Sea Star

O email: nhatrangseastar@gmail.com Telefone: +84 90 538 03 15

          Nha Trang Sea Star is offering diving and snorkeling courses and tours to all level from beginners to advanced..

Oceans 5

O email: info@oceans5.co Telefone: +84 (0) 258 3522 012

          Oceans5 is the newest Instructor Training Center in Nha Trang, Vietnam. They’re not the biggest Dive Center in Vietnam for a good reason, their goal is to offer a higher standard of diving to smaller groups. Complete with state of the art classroom including online learning, multimedia room, the latest dive gear from Hollis, dive computers for all of customers and multilingual instructors.

Turtle Dive

O email: turtledivevietnam@yahoo.com Telefone: 058.3527885

          Turtle dive center is located in Nha Trang Viet Nam. It is run by Thanh Tan Nguyen who is a Vietnamese, commercial diver with 25 years of experience here, a Diving Instructor with multi-diving Instructor Licences such as: SSI, PADI, SDI/ TDI. In addition Turtle dive has a professional and experienced Dive staff who have many years experience diving here in Vietnam. The dive club is opened from 6 am to 10 pm everyday. Turtle dive offers a full variety of SSI, PADI, SDI/TDI , SOLO DIVE courses and will organize daily dive & snorkel trips for non certified divers & certified divers. All of the dives are done on the sea at many different spots of Mun Island and other fabulous dive spots.

Sailing Club Divers

O email: info@sailingclubdivers.com Telefone: +84 (0) 258 3522 788

          Sailing Club Divers was originally established as Octopus Diving Club on 22nd June 1999, making it one of the first, most successful and longest running Dive Centers in Vietnam. In 2002, five of the western dive staff and the current owner negotiated to buy the company from the original French owners, they dropped the word “Club” and Octopus Diving was open for business, run by young, enthusiastic divers, for divers. In November 2004 Sailing Club took 100% control and Octopus Diving became Sailing Club Divers and part of the world famous Sailing Club Vietnam. Sailing Club Vietnam was founded in 1994 by a young and ambitious Australian, Peter Vidotto. The first Sailing Club Bar was in the form of a rustic beach-bar right in the heart of Nha Trang. Along with the reputation & support of Sailing Club Vietnam, Sailing Club Divers has become one of the most successfull and well respected dive centers in Asia, winning many awards along the way. In 2009 Sailing Club Divers came 3rd in this region which also includes Thailand and Cambodia for PADI’s annual New Diver Acquisitions award for increasing our entry level PADI courses. Sailing Club Divers successfully completed its first PADI Instructor Development Course in September 2003 and still maintains the only 100% first time pass rate at PADI Instructor Exams in Vietnam. Sailing Club Divers is also an active participant in local conservation and a Project A.W.A.R.E. Go ECO Operator. We participate in the Nha Trang Bay MPA’s Clean Up day, Crown of Thorns removal program, Project A.W.A.R.E. Dive Against Debris and Dive into Earth International Clean Up days.

Scubadive Vietnam

O email: info@scubadivevietnam.com Telefone: +841212492035

          Vietnam’s safest internationally recognized dive operator for day trip, try dives and scuba diving courses, with the most qualified diving instructor in Vietnam. They have been operating since 10 years with an International team of multilingual Instructors, continue to set and raise the standards in Vietnam and they have the most experienced dive master and instructor’s team in Vietnam. The team doesn’t have only one certification but multiple dive agencies certification. For example, the instructors are certified WORLD DIVERS, PADI, RAID, NDL, SSI, SDI, TDI and PDIC which are all recognize worldwide and member of the ISTC, EUF and WRSTC. The Instructors and Divemaster are also certified as Medic First Aid, Be Prepared, Respond Right as well as Emergency First Response (EFR) provider and instructors level for your safety. ScubaDive Vietnam was ranked 6th “worldwide” (2016 ranking) with the globally recognized environmental program GREEN FINS. They are proud to be associated with GREEN FINS and deliver the best responsible diving in Vietnam and the top 10 world wide. ScubaDive Vietnam is also a DAN Supporter. (Diver Alert Network). They are supporting DEEPBLU online community and divers use the online logbook provided by DEEPBLU.

Angel Dive

O email: angeldivevietnam@hotmail.com Telefone: 0983340322

          Angel dive is a scuba dive school with highly experienced team certified with the SSI, PADI, SDI and TDI scuba diving association. Angel Dive opened in 2006 and is lead by an Instructor certifier (the Highest level in recreational scuba diving association). They offer dive trips in the Marine Park of Nha Trang (Known as the best dive spot in Vietnam) every day with either 2 or 3 dives.

Dive Alpha Vietnam

O email: nghi@divealpha.com Telefone: +84 122 404 6100

          Dive Alpha Vietnam, came to Vietnam in 2016 by Xmas that year we decided to take the company to whole new level by focusing more on the customer experience and Vietnamese Culture, I.E making it a personal diving experience. So with that in mind, they took full control of Dive Alpha Vietnam by buying out the remaining partners and they invested in a new dive center and bar making a meeting place for divers. Dive Alpha Vietnam strives to meet and far exceed the highest expectations of their diving students and certified dive enthusiasts. The dedicated team of International Diving Instructors will guide you through the adventure whether it be in a single tank configuration, side mounted system, back mounted doubles, one breath, or taking your first Open Water scuba course.
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