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The name of this particular dive spot comes from a species of fish that can be found here in large schools, namely snappers. The main characteristic of this dive spot is its circular overhang, which is populated by the aforementioned schools of snappers (in Spanish, "pargo").

Cueva del Pargo has very little current, and with its maximum depth of 10 meters, it is an ideal dive site for beginner divers.

Besides snappers, divers can find here crabs, lobsters, shrimps, seahorses, various types of both hard and soft corals. If they are lucky they can come across stingrays and turtles.

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11 mts max. 40 min. nice visibility and small variety of animals. decent and great experience for new divers and discovery.

Centros de Mergulho nas proximidades

Ordenado pela distância, dentro de um intervalo de 25km

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Ramon Zapata Divers

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          They are now a third generation of Open Water Scuba Instructors and one of the oldest diving shops in Cozumel island. Founder Mr. Ramon Zapata Novelo was the first diver ever to use the scuba unit around the island, becoming the first pioneer on discovering all the diving sites, reefs, beaches as well as recreational places.

Cozumel Dive School

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          Cozumel Dive School is a group of international PADI professional instructors that have joined together to provide the most fun and safe learning experience possible. The team of instructors is always changing and is very dynamic in their approach to teaching scuba. Every instructor is hand selected by the PADI Platinum Course Director at the most recognized IDC center in Cozumel. All instructors have been trained in Cozumel so their knowledge of local conditions and dive sites are unsurpassed by any other dive school in Cozumel. They offer all courses from Discover Scuba Diving to Rescue Diver in many different languages. They also have the books in many languages, for example English, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, French, Norwegian, Finish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Chinese and several others. Since they are not just a dive shop but a real PADI scuba dive school they are not stuck at one location for training in scuba.

Bubbles Underwater

O email: bubblesunderwater@yahoo.com Telefone: +521 987 103 9553

          Bubbles Underwater created a new generation dive center, an online scuba club. They are specialized in small groups and personalized service. The two creators of Bubbles Underwater are both Master Scuba Diver Trainers and they both have about 25 years diving.

2Tank Dive Hostel

O email: 2tankdivehostel@gmail.com Telefone: (52) 987 872 6601

          2tank Dive Hostel is a dive hostel and backpacker scuba school that offers on-site private PADI instructor, try dives and all levels of PADI certification courses.

Dive House

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