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River Gurara MV is a former cargo motor vessel that sank in 1989 during a violent storm off Cape Espichel. It’s one of the most popular dives in Sesimbra and a regular first dive of the day.

The 175-meter-/575-meter-long vessel lies broken in the middle, with its parts scattered all over the place, at an average depth of about 28 meters/92 feet.

The wreck is home to conger eels, moray eels, octopuses, squid, wrasses, sea bream, and many other marine creatures.

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Picture taken at River Gurara. Uploaded by Arky Che on août 19, 2020 Picture taken at River Gurara. Uploaded by Arky Che on août 19, 2020 Picture taken at River Gurara. Uploaded by Arky Che on août 19, 2020 Picture taken at River Gurara. Uploaded by Arky Che on août 19, 2020

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Email: daydream.sesimbra@gmail.com Téléphone: +(351) 91 210 82 73

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