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Manta Road is passage between two coral reef walls. Depending on the currents, it can be a drift dive. There is a 200' line fastened to the bottom that allows divers to move between the primary and secondary cleaning/feeding stations. Maximum depth is 55'/18m. Mantas, including black morphs are frequent visitors to the site, often accompanied by large schools of blue-streak fusiliers. An occasional shark (black tip reef, white tip reef, grey reef, small hammerhead) will swim through the channel, as will bonita, dog-tooth tuna, and young trivially. There is a resident colony of garden eels between the two stations. The reef walls have abundant small reef fish for the safety stop.

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Ordenado por distancia, dentro de un rango de 25km

Laidenki Diving & Tours

Email: laidenkidivers@gmail.com Teléfono: (691) 320-3181

          Laidenki Divers provides safe, professional diving and PADI training for experienced or new SCUBA and skin divers, with scenic boat tours for guests who prefer their adventures above the waters. Pohnpei has a huge lagoon with numerous dive sites inside the lagoon, at several passes, and along the outer reef walls.

Pohnpei Surf Club

Email: pnisurfclub@gmail.com Teléfono: +691 320 7845

          Pohnpei is the forgotten dive destination in Micronesia. With a large lagoon and vast number of passes divers can always have their pick of day dive. Each pass you have a chance to seeing sharks, manta rays, schools of trevallies and barracuda along with other schooling reef fish.
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