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Centros de buceo cercanos

Ordenado por distancia, dentro de un rango de 25km

Ege Octopus

Email: info@egeoctopus.com Teléfono: +90 555 400 92 95

          As members of EGE OCTOPUS, they aim to introduce you to this rich cultural heritage and the world of the beauty of underwater life. They are serving you with their disciplined work to implement and enforce Ataturk 's "I am smart, agile and at the same time ethical". Rediscover freedom, peace, excitement, fun, with their friends. Once you have completed your diving experience (win), complete your training and meet a whole new world with SSI, CMAS certification. The professional diving instructors and SSI are taken from CMAS Aegean Octopus.

Ephesus Diving Center

Email: efesdalismerkezi@gmail.com Teléfono: +90 554 531 33 22

          Ephesus Diving Center is a dive center with more than 20 years of experience. BeuChat brand diving equipments, which are recognized by the whole world, are provided along with completely safe diving and diving trainings. Together with Ephesus Diving Center you can meet the magical world of underwater, discover the lively life there, and even live among them in a short time.

Foca Dive Center

Email: focadive@hotmail.com Teléfono: 0090 505 4367153 0090 232 8124009

          Hi, My Name Is Aydın In the world of entertainment / sport diving, it contracts by the confederation, which is connected to the confederation, FIFA (the European football federation) as an authority WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council) is situated by 150 close to the confederation. One of confederation TSSF (Turkey Underwater Sports Federation) . Turkey Underwater Sports Federation is connected to the CMAS (Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques) Your certificate will be CMAS / TSSF certificate. The certificate is valid everywhere in the World. We would like to thank the diver candidates who brought us to this position by moving them among the top 10 dive centers of 275 dive centers in TSSF for 4 years. The right place, day and time you expect your training of your choice. Our dive center has; 1.CMAS/TSSF 2.PADI Courses 3. Swimming course 4.Lifeguard courses. Before training, my suggestion you may do DSD (Discover Scuba Diving). İt is take about 30 minutes. You can dive max. 5 meters with instructor. If you want we can take your under water photos If you want to continue after DSD (Discover Scuba Diving). So if you want to start the course. The fee which is you pay for DSD can be deducted from the training fee. when you get a book, if we have begginer group you can join but if we haven’t got any group you can start the course alone. Our trainin groups will be max. 4 divers. You can pay credit card In the trainng; It’s included teorical part and 6 dives. For your last dive, you will do open water dive by boat. Thats present from ourdive center. All under water photos free. CMAS 2* and AOW Diver means experienced diver and they can dive max 30m. If you get deep dive speciality you can dive 40m. Aydın AYKUT CMAS/TSSF 2* INSTRUCTOR PADI MSDT 271192 LIFEGUARD www.focadive.com www.focadalis.com.tr 0090532 2759451 0090505 4367153 00902328124009
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