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Dive Shack is a small, family-run dive school, located on the local island of Rasdhoo, in the north-east region of Ari-Atoll.
In Rasdhoo all the guests are highly respected and all the locals know about the importance of tourism on the island. In addition to tourism, the locals make their living with fishing (especially yellow-fin tuna). The Maldives are a strictly islamic country, and the people here have a great sense of hospitality, and particularly the younger generation is very open to the "western" way of life. In the past 12 months, new guest houses, restaurants and dive schools were built on nearly every local island in Maldives, at least within the central part of the country.


Donde puedes encontrar el centro de buceo

Villanufannu Magu, AA Rasdhoo, Maldives